The World’s Happiest Country List has just been released, but not one African country ranked in the top 50.

For the fifth year in a row, Finland took the top spot for the World’s Happiest Country. The report uses data from the Gallup World Poll. It takes into consideration life expectancy, GDP per capita, social support, low corruption and trust from the public.

We find it hard to believe that a continent that gives so much to the world is not on the happiest list. So. we did a little digging. While it’s true that no place is perfect, we found the following African countries to prove otherwise.

1. Mauritius

Cyrus Pellet

On the East Coast of Africa lies Mauritius.  Mauritius ranks the highest on the list of the happiest countries in Africa.

According to the report, wages are among the highest in Africa. But for a moment, let’s forget the UN’s report.

For starters, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, filled with tropical beach islands and surrounded by mountains. The wages are high because it has a healthy and diverse economy.  In a report from Sunibel, the publication says it’s a great place to work and do business in.

It’s relatively cheaper to own an apartment or home in Mauritius – even as a foreigner – with something for every budget.

Living on the Indian Ocean is the definition of quality of life in itself. It’s a dream where you can enjoy the outdoors and fresh food from the nature and sea.

There’s also a reported low crime rate, so when you combine that with the cheaper prices of living on an island, Mauritius is a great place to be.

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2. Kenya


Another gem in East Africa: Kenya. It’s a country that has it all.

When it comes to employment, Kenya is a significant hub in the region with tourism, banking, and IT being the leading industries, according to International Citizens.

One thing that’s challenging when relocating to Kenya, is most people are sponsored by companies for work, but it’s not impossible to work there.

Living in Kenya is relatively affordable, especially if you want to live in a big city.

Kenya is absolutely beautiful and relatively safe, and it’s possible to find something for everyone. If you want to enjoy nature, it’s a safari hub with a lot of natural beauty. If you want a social scene, Kenya has that as well, especially in the larger cities.

3. Ghana

Elmina, Ghana

Ghana has made it its mission for diasporans to come back home, and as a result, means it’s a relatively easy place to live and do business.

Cities like Accra are starting to get expensive as there are more and more people considering relocating or building a second home but there are other places such as Kumasi that are still relatively affordable.

Ghana offers a lot to do and people are genuinely happy there.  The food is great, and you won’t be bored.

It also is a great place to travel to other places, including Togo ….

Don’t sleep on Ghana. It’s welcoming, the weather is great, and the culture is something you will never get tired of.

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4. South Africa

South African

What is there not to love about South Africa.  There’s so much culture, history, and natural beauty. One thing we love about South Africa is how welcoming and genuine the people are.

Aside from Ghana, it’s one of those countries that everyone loves because it’s easy to navigate work and play.

There are a ton of job opportunities in South Africa, and it has a ton of development within the tech industry, as CA Global HR reports.

The cost of living is affordable, which makes South Africa a go-to country for many expats.