If you want to see what the next wave of trends are when it comes to fashion, art, entertainment, and travel, look no further than the Nigerian Instagrammers that are sharing their enviable style and vision with the world. It’s no secret that Nigerians and Nigerians born or living in the US, London, and beyond are major influencers across industries, and here are 11 that are sure to give you major creative inspiration, no matter what your interests may be.



Don’t let Akin Faminu’s impressive wardrobe and consistently sleek styling fool you—he may have one of the best dressed male bloggers on IG, but he’s also a practicing medical doctor and writer. Some people really do have it all!


Photo courtesy of Akin Faminu



Travel blogger Amarachi Ekekwe has an eponymous account and one tied to her travel blog called @travelwithapen where she documents her adventures through Egypt, Zanzibar, and her hometown. If you want to find Nigeria’s hidden gems (like Kajuru Castle pictured below), follow her.


Photo courtesy of @amarachiekekwe



Follow Yusuf Sanni’s to take a peek into Nigeria’s vibrant festival scene and to view exceptional snaps of the streets, architecture, and daily Nigerian life that few visitors ever see.


Photo courtesy of @buchwithlenses


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This Instagram account should come with a warning because one look at the feed filled with sumptuous Nigerian cuisine will have your mouth-watering instantly. The only thing better than the photos of stews, desserts, and meat dishes is the fact that you’ll find many of the recipes on www.afrolems.com.


Photo courtesy of @afrolems



Nigerian-American Seyi Famuyiwa is from Los Angeles, and you’ll want to follow her now before her blog and IG showcasing her gorgeous looks, impeccable style, and tropical beach vacations truly takes off.


Photo courtesy of @thedailyseyi



If you want to follow someone who works hard and plays harder, this is the account for you. Oto Tom is an attorney and a philanthropist, but it’s through her travel blog and IG @the_wakaholic where she invites followers on her adventures through Europe, the Maldives, Thailand, and beyond.


Photo courtesy of @the_wakaholic



When Vogue dubs you a “street style king of Lagos Fashion Week, you know you’re doing something right. Men and women can learn a thing or two from Adedeji Abidemi’s slick IG, where the Nigerian style icon boldly goes from next-level fashion to traditional garments without missing a beat.


Photo courtesy of The Style Train



Photographer and influencer Dara Oke was born in Lagos but moved to America where she was raised. She returned to get back in touch with her native roots, and her feed is a visual feast showcasing her life, community, and travels.


Photo courtesy of Dara Oke



Bernard Kalus’ love for his subject comes across in the photographs he takes of men, women, and children he meets in the major cities and small villages throughout Nigeria.


Photo courtesy of @kabenny_



The stylish Instagrammer has travel and fashion inspiration for days, and be sure to check out her fashion line featuring tops, dresses, and head scares @eloracollection.


Photo courtesy of @hafymo



A filmmaker, stylist, and photographer, Wami Aluko is a Nigerian storyteller based in the UK, and her feed is a mix of high-fashion photography, feminist art, and a look into her travels and daily life.


Photo courtesy of @wamialuko