13 Black Travel Photographers That You Should Know
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Aldi Diasse

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Aldi Diasse

13 Black Travel Photographers That You Should Know

Shontel Horne
Shontel Horne Oct 3, 2018

A great photographer uses their skill to capture a moment in a way only an artist can. For true photographers, the right image can cause the observer to wonder deeply about the tones, textures, composition, lighting, and subjects in a single picture, all while telling a complete story with just one photograph.


As more people travel and document their journeys at famous landmarks, on beaches, and at resorts, the role of the travel photographer has become increasingly important in upholding the spirit of a place and its people outside of the tourist gaze. Our world is more visible than ever before, and these black photographers are making sure that we see it in many ways.



An aerial photographer based in Nairobi, Sam Muchai’s vibrant photographs give observers a bird’s-eye view of destinations like Cannes, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, and his home country, Kenya.


Photo courtesy of @muchaii



Sebastian Wanzalla is from Nairobi and his talent for capturing diverse cultures has taken him from the rice fields of Bali to the caves of Kenya.


Photo courtesy of @wanzalla



Yagazie Emezi is an award-winning, self-taught documentary photographer who hails from Aba, Nigeria. Her deeply moving photographs have been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, and HuffPost, and her work never fails to create a dialogue around the people and places she photographs.


Photo courtesy of @yagazieemezi



A Tanzania-born artist with an impeccable eye for detail, the minimalism in the photographs by Sam Vox let his subjects speak for themselves.


Photo courtesy of @sam.vox


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Kenya-born Mutua Matheka uses natural light and bold angles to make viewers of his photographs feel instantly connected to the subjects.


Photo courtesy of @truthslinger



Whether she’s snapping the scenery in Prague or getting up close with locals in Tanzania, Neema-Jodie’s photos all feel deeply personal and inviting.


Photo courtesy of @thebongolese



New Orleans native Patrick Melon knows the ins and outs of his city and his images of traditional jazz funerals, New Orleans architecture, and everyday locals show the depth and complexity of a city many outsiders think they know.


Photo courtesy of @melontao



Girma is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and his images of locales like Eritrea, Mali, and Manhattan are vivid works of art.


Photo courtesy of @gboxcreative



A Uganda-born Kenyan, Sarah Waiswa turns her lens toward the continent of Africa to discuss the social issues that affect her homeland while also documenting the diversity and strength of the African spirit.


Photo courtesy of @lafrohemien



There’s a sense of comfort and trust in the eyes of the subjects Aldi Diasse shoots for his travel portraits, and his ability to elevate communities around Africa that often go overlooked is a testament to his skill as a photographer.


Photo courtesy of @aldidiasse



This photographer’s off-the-beaten-path journeys through Norway, Zanzibar, and Colombia are an adventure traveler’s dream.


Photo courtesy of @where_is_mat



Based in Kigali, Rwanda, Jacques Nkinzingabo is among his country’s talented emerging photographers, but he has already found his stride by beautifully capturing the daily life of fellow Rwandans.


Photo courtesy of @jack_yakubu1



Whether she’s shooting the striking architecture in Seoul or documenting the energy of the Notting Hill Carnival, London based Holly-Marie Cato’s photos all have a classic feel that transcends time.


Photo courtesy of @h_cato



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