In a bid to bring an extraordinary cinematic experience to the community, NextAct Cinema, one of the few Black-owned movie theaters in the United States, recently reopened its doors after undergoing significant renovations. Located in Pikesville in Baltimore County, the theater has quickly become a cultural hub. The cinema attracts moviegoers nationwide while emphasizing its commitment to catering to the community’s diverse film preferences.

A Unique Cinematic Experience

NextAct Cinema, owned by entrepreneurs Anthony Fykes and Robert Wright, is a shining example of cinematic innovation. Fykes and Wright, both with backgrounds in healthcare, envisioned a theater that deviated from the traditional movie-going experience. Rejecting the idea of a standard chain theater, they aimed to create a boutique space that feels like home to its patrons, offering an intimate and personalized setting for film enthusiasts

In an interview with CBS News Baltimore, Fykes said, “We didn’t want to be an AMC. We don’t want to be a Cine-Bistro. The idea behind NextAct Cinema is that you are coming to a theater that feels like your home. We wanted it to be original, and we knew that we wanted it to be very boutique.”

The theater now occupies the space that was once the Pikes Theatre and features two auditoriums, each with 43 seats. The setting is soothing, and guests can order food and drinks straight from their seats while they watch their favorite films.

Overcoming Challenges and Thriving

Despite facing significant challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, NextAct Cinema has persevered, thriving with the community’s unwavering support. Fykes emphasized the pivotal role of community support in the theater’s success. 

This support has allowed it to weather the storm and celebrate another Black History Month five years after its inception. The theater’s ability to collaborate with movie studios and secure a diverse range of films also underscores its growing influence and reputation within the industry.