August is officially Black Business Month, a month that represents an opportunity to focus our attention and dollars on emerging Black brands. These companies are not just Black-owned, but revolutionary, successfully disrupting industries that lack Black representation. 

To help you decide which Black-owned brands to support, here’s a list of a few new businesses worth spending your dollars on.

1. Holmes Organics

Launched in January 2019, Holmes Organics takes advantage of the 2018 Farm Bill that removed legal restrictions on hemp-derived CBD. Cory Holmes founded Holmes Organics after he began using CBD to treat stress and anxiety and noticed inconsistent products due to the unregulated nature of the industry. Holmes Organics consists of organic, pure, and high-quality products that range from gummies to dog treats to bath bombs. 

2. Face by Camille Rose

Founded by Black hair care guru Janell Stephens, Face by Camille Rose is an affordable new line that promises “garden inspired skincare for all.” The line includes an exfoliating scrub, a daily moisturizer, night serum, two-in-one makeup remover and toner, detox mask, and under eye cream. Each product rings in under $20 and you can bundle all six for 100. 

3. Liberate Meditation

Founded by Afro Latino Julio Rivera, Liberate Meditation is an app that is specifically meant to support POC. Users can sign up for free and gain access to guided meditations and lectures from spiritual leaders of color. The platform also shares content that is specific to the Black community, with advice on dealing with microaggressions to addressing racism in spiritual communities. Liberae is available for both Apple and Android.

4. Mahmee

Founded by Melissa Hanna, Mahmee is a maternal and infant health company that hopes to address the maternal mortality crisis in America, one that disproportionately impacts Black women. The startup has raised about $4 million in seed investments, including a $3 million investment from billionaire Mark Cuban and world class athlete Serena Williams. The app connects new mothers and pregnant women to resources, web support groups, and providers who can assist them through every step of pregnancy and childbirth.

5. Black Girl MATHgic

Launched in June of this year by Spelman graduate Brittany Rhodes, Black Girl MATHgic is a monthly subscription box that engages 3rd-8th grade girls with interactive math activities, profiles of Black women mathematicians, and affirmations. Black women are especially underrepresented in STEM fields and Rhodes hopes to alleviate math anxiety with her subscription box. Black Girl MATHgic recently won the IDEA pitch competition held at the 110th NAACP National Convention in Detroit. 

6. Ruby Love

Founded by Crystal Etienne in 2015 under the name PantyDrop, Ruby Love is an e-commerce apparel company that specializes in period panties and swimwear. The brand supports all those who experience menstruation or incontinence, with a product line that includes leak-proof underwear, activewear, bathing suits, loungewear, and boxer briefs. Ruby Love recently secured $15 million in funding from The Craftory.