To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s election and the end of apartheid, Red Savannah, a luxury travel company, is launching an excursion that follows the travels of South Africa’s first democratically elected president. A new iteration of the “In The Footsteps Of…” series will allow guests of the tour company to follow his struggle to break down barriers and achieve equality for all, completely transforming the nation.

The private tour covers important moments in Mandela’s life. It follows his time in Soweto township and his period in prison on Robben Island. It also looks at the sites of the historic negotiations that ended apartheid. Red Savannah has obtained insight from Nelson Mandela’s former prison warden and close friend, Christo Brand. This collaboration adds depth to the exploration of destinations that shaped Mandela’s life and work. Available as well are expert private guides. These guides provide unrivaled access and understanding of this momentous period in South African history. They will also highlight the remarkable life of the ‘Father of the Nation.’

Highlights of the Itinerary

Visitors can enjoy this seven-day itinerary as an introduction to the life of a modern world leader. Or, they can use it as a springboard to discover more of South Africa’s culture, scenery, and wildlife. One of the most fascinating parts of this trip is seeing Nelson Mandela’s life and journey brought to life in the streets of Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

On the day of arrival in Cape Town, guests can travel without worries, knowing they will be individually transferred to their destination hotel. The rest of the day is free for them to relax in the hotel’s gardens or start exploring the neighboring gourmet hotspot of Kloof Street.

Christo Brand also accompanies guests on Robben Island and Pollsmoor jail tours. Visitors also experience a once-in-a-lifetime flight over Robben Island, along with stunning views of Table Mountain and Cape Town’s cityscape. From there, a rest at Nelson Mandela’s restored Johannesburg home follows. 

As this transformative experience comes to a close, guests can continue their South African trip by going on a safari in the Greater Kruger National Park. Alternatively, they might look more into Mandela’s early years in Eastern Cape. Whatever path they take, this itinerary promises to leave an unforgettable impression, forever intertwining their stories with those of one of the most remarkable leaders in modern history.