Cereal bars are a great way to relive childhood memories. Remember Saturday mornings with your bowl of Fruity Pebbles or Apple Jacks, it used to be so lit. But, you better not open more than one box at a time.

Welcome to Day & Night Exotic Cereal Bar, North Carolina’s first Black-owned cereal bar, where you can opt for several cereals at once.

Originating as a food truck in Los Angeles, and the brain child of Karmon DuPrée Jr., this nostalgic build-your-own cereal bar will open a franchised storefront in the heart of the Queen City on Apr. 10. It aims to “reinvent the most important meal of the day.”

The name Day & Night was inspired by Cleveland, Ohio native Kid Cudi’s hit song, Day and Night. DuPrée and Charlotte co-owner Greg Robinson both grew up in Cudi’s neighborhood, Shaker Heights.

“Kid Cudi is one of my favorite artists and someone who inspired my musical journey, so becoming a part of this brand was a no-brainer,” Robinson told Travel Noire.

Did we mention it’s Black-owned?

Robinson and co-owner/ girlfriend Danielle Booker will feature customizable cereal bowls and over-the-top cereal shakes on the menu. You can choose from the preset menu, or you can let your creativity flow and build the cereal concoction of your dreams.

We’re talking choices like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, and Frosted Flakes with milk of your choice) and Scooby Snacks (Cinnamon Toast Crunch with graham crackers, Oreo bits, and drizzled with peanut butter and chocolate sauce). Yes, they have oat and almond milk for the non-dairy folks. Any bowl can be transformed into a cereal shake.

While the original menu was based off of things known in LA, Robinson and Booker will begin to roll out special Charlotte-themed menu items to make the concept feel more like home.

Regular bowls are $7 and shakes are $8. There will also be exotic cereals from around the globe, not found anywhere else.

“We have cereals from Mexico, Canada, Japan and even Europe that you can’t just sit down and eat at home,” DuPrée said. “But, one of the rarest cereals that I own was one of the last boxes produced for Rolling Loud Fest. Now that won’t be on the menu, but it’s a cool display.”

Bacon lovers, there will also be a bacon flight that allows you to mix and match 3 strips of bacon for only $5. Bacon flavors include: maple and black pepper, Jamaican Jerk or maple rosemary to name a few.

Day & Night is located at 127 Brevard Court across from Charlotte’s Romare Bearden Park. To learn more or to gather ideas for your cereal bowl or shake, check out the Instagram page: @dayandnight.nc.

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