If your visiting Nashville for its exciting summer music festivals like the Blavity House Party taking over Nashville June 14-15. Tickets are on sale now with performances from Victoria Monet, Lil Wayne, Leon Thomas, Big Fredia, and more taking over the House Party stage. Not only is the music alive in Nashville, but the art is too. 

Travelers can experience the beauty of Nashville’s street art culture everywhere in Music City. From commissioned sculptures to dynamic murals, creativity is alive and well in Nashville. Here are some of the top murals to visit in Nashville during Blavity’s House Party Music Festival.

Looking Pretty, Music City

Travelers can head over to the 12 South District to capture a photo of the mural whose name says it all. There’s no music town like Music City and there’s a little bit of pretty around every corner. The Looking Pretty, Music City mural depicts three sets of legs in swanky, colorful shoes. One could interpret the figures as dancing to the sounds of Music City or even walking along Nashville’s streets. Created by Emily Eisenhart, the mural is located at the corner of Dallas and 12th and was a part of the American Heart Association’s “Nashville At Heart” campaign.

Drippy Lips

The Drippy Lips mural has all of the vibrant colors and vibes perfect for vacation photos in Nashville. It’s also located in 12 South and it’s hard to miss the giant wall covered in luscious, red lip prints. Lips are a major part of mural artist Donald Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson’s projects and they come to life on the side of the UAL outlet building in Hillsboro Village. The street art combined with the rectangle windows along the wall travelers are in for the perfect selfie experience.

Play Well 

Created by artist forBecks, the Play Well mural is simple, quaint, and cute. It depicts something everyone enjoys, a little love shown on social media. A small Instagram-like symbol graces the white wall on the side of Juice Bar Germantown. Despite its simplicity, Play Well is an extremely popular mural for tourists in Nashville, showcasing that less is sometimes more when it comes to street art. 

Make Music Not War

These four words speak volumes and almost seem like an appropriate mantra for Music City. The Make Music Not War mural was installed by the Relax Max Apparel brand. It’s a resounding reminder of the healing power of music over the noise of violence as a record spins in the backdrop. The mural is across the street from another popular street work of art where flowers are blossoming through the wall.  

Elks Lodge Mural

Music royalty can be found painted in the Elks Lodge mural. Located on Jefferson Street, the image shows music legends Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Jones going head to head in a guitar duel. The actual duel between Hendrix and Jones happened in real life back in 1963. Rumor has it that Jones won the battle due to having a more powerful amplifier. However, travelers can revisit the spot that commemorates the moment right in Nashville. 

Silo Mural of Lee Estes