With advances in technology placing your loved ones at your fingertips, making the decision to move abroad has become easier and more appealing. However, most don’t know where to begin to even make the move. Here are some tips to help prepare you to make the move abroad:


Pick a Location


This should be the easiest of all steps. Over the last few weeks, you have seen several stories from Black Expats who chose Asia as their new home.


Asia is a very appealing region for expats, but it’s not the only one. Other popular locations include The Middle East, parts of Europe, South America, and even Mexico. Some things to consider when picking a location are: the weather, cost of living, the process for foreigners to start businesses, and religious practices. Once you narrow down the where the how becomes even easier.


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Research Visa Requirements


Before you can began residing in your new home, you will need to acquire a visa. Unless you are staying under 90 days (in most countries), you will need to get a visa. Each country has it’s own list of visa requirements. In addition, there are different types of visas depending on what you will be doing in your new home.


Begin to research the requirements because it will likely require you to submit documents that you may need to request from a third party, i.e. your college degree, college transcripts, a federal background check, etc.


You can check the embassy or consulate website of your potential country to see what exactly you would need to do for that particular location.


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Create your plan and stick to it


As you have heard many of the black expats say, just do it. Start now with putting a little money to the side to help with your move. Begin reaching out to expat groups in your location to get first hand advice on what to expect.


Don’t let doubt settle in. Just like any other life changing thing, there is never a “right time” to pack up your life and move abroad. You just have to follow through with your decision.


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