The Black Expat: 'We're Married And Living Abroad In Asia'
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Jazzie

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Jazzie

The Black Expat: 'We're Married And Living Abroad In Asia'

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Aug 28, 2018

Meet Christopher (35 years old) and Jazzie (31 years old), a married couple currently living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Christopher hails from Texas where he worked as an IBEW Union electrician while Jazzie is from Los Angeles. Currently, Christopher works as a full time artist and content creator and Jazzie is a wellness coach, content creator, and performer.


We had the chance to talk with them about their experience as black, married, expats living in Asia.


Photo courtesy of Jazzie


Travel Noire: Why did you all decide to make the move to Asia?

Christopher: We made the decisions to become expats after I came home one day, frustrated with the conditions of existing in America as not only a Black man, but as an individual overall.


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TN: What challenges do you face as a married couple in Asia?

Jazzie: As a couple traveling, things like having personal time and space come into play; that and the usual couple stuff. But overall, there’s nothing better than traveling with a partner.


Photo courtesy of Jazzie


TN: Has your life abroad improved compared to being back home?

Jazzie: Life and our general attitude towards its possibilities has increased tremendously since making the change to live abroad.


TN: You mentioned that you both are content creators. Can you give us more details?

Jazzie: Yes! Black Digital Nomad started as, and is continually striving to be a resource to other POC that this (expat) life is obtainable, no matter your current status.


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TN: What tips can you give to our readers looking to move abroad one day?

Christopher: If you’re currently employed, start saving every nickel you can to the side because a little will carry you a long way when traveling & then JUST DO IT! Take the leap. Don’t allow doubt to take over.


Photo courtesy of Jazzie


TN: Where can our readers find you if they have questions?

Jazzie: We can be reached on Instagram: @BlackDigitalNomad & @jazzziebynature.


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