Meet The Mother And Daughter Duo Helping People Travel Through Snacks
Photo Credit: Snack Voyage

Photo Credit: Snack Voyage

Meet The Mother And Daughter Duo Helping People Travel Through Snacks

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. May 6, 2021

Traveling and snacks are two shared passions of single mother Ome Enebelie and her 12-year-old daughter Daniella. As the COVID-19 pandemic halted everyone’s travels, the Nigerian-American Aurora, Colorado-based pair launched a business that would not only allow people to get a taste of the world from home, but also strengthen their bond as mother and daughter.

Snack Voyage was an idea that Daniella came up with. A gifted and talented student, she desired to bring comfort to all the people who found themselves stuck at home due to lockdowns and restrictions.

“Also, as a single mom,” says Ome, “I was not always able to travel, either because I could not financially afford to do so or because I was too busy. We wanted to be able to bring different countries to the doorsteps of those who may find themselves unable to travel for whatever reasons— finances, time, the pandemic, etc. With Snack Voyage, people can travel affordably from the comfort of their couch.”

Courtesy of Snack Voyage.

Each Snack Voyage box consists of at least 12 snacks from around the world, such as chips, crisps, cookies, wafers, candy, and chocolates. Subscribers can choose for all the snacks to be from one country, or to receive an assortment from multiple countries.

In addition to the snacks, every box contains a boarding pass where you can rank your snacks as first class, business class, or economy. Boxes also include a trivia game, a keepsake country flag, and a tourist guide providing information about the snacks, where they are from, and how to enjoy them.

Ome says the decision to launch the company as a joint mother-daughter venture was a no-brainer. Prior to COVID-19, she and Daniella enjoyed traveling and snacked a lot on their adventures. Trying different snacks from all over the world became something they loved doing together. However, when the pandemic hit, they found themselves unable to continue with this special bonding tradition.

“During the lockdown we spent a lot of our time reminiscing on the good times, and in one of our conversations Daniella suggested we start a business where we send international snacks to people monthly. She had the idea that since no one was able to travel, we could create a whole travel experience with the boxes in a way that allowed people to experience different countries from their homes. I thought it was a great idea. I said ‘Yes, let’s do it!’ and we got to work.”

Together, Ome and Daniella began working on their business. With her mother’s guidance, Daniella has handled many aspects of building Snack Voyage. In fact, the company’s initial website and graphics for the boxes were designed by Daniella. Ome hopes that running a company at a young age will teach Daniella many valuable lessons about business and life.

“I want Daniella to learn that money does not grow on trees and that you can’t spend more than you earn. I also want her to learn that you have to do the work to live the life you desire. The goal is for her to have options, and to be able to choose whether she wants to go down an entrepreneurial path or choose a more traditional career route. Most importantly, I want her to know that she can achieve her dreams as long as she works hard, and that whatever she chooses to do, I have her back.”

Both Ome and Daniella agree that running a company together has brought them even closer. Working on their business has become their new special bonding time. 

“It’s really nice,” says Daniella. “Sometimes it’s interesting because my mom can be very opinionated (laughs). But I really appreciate having the opportunity to learn about a real life business with my mom’s guidance. Because of my mom, I have this unique exposure that will definitely benefit my future.”

Ome says their business gives them something beyond the traditional mother and daughter moments and milestones to talk about.

“Snack Voyage is often the one thing we agree on and are on the same page about. When you have a tween, it’s hard to find common ground to bond over and enjoy together, so this venture has been a great addition to our already close relationship.” 

Visit to subscribe. Subscribers can choose from a monthly, quarterly, six-month, or annual subscription. Customers signing up for a six-month subscription get 15% off their first box. Those subscribing to a yearly plan, they get their first box free.”

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