The world is beautiful, and some places and stays are so stunning that you question if they are real. Imagine waking up to a panoramic view of a quiet bay, dining in a restaurant carved into a cliff, or sleeping in a room submerged under the ocean. While these might seem like dream scenarios, they’re a reality at some of the world’s most scenic hotels. These remarkable stays will take your breath away with their unique combination of exquisite design, wondrous scenery, and experiences you won’t soon forget.

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Oman

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, located in the Middle East, combines luxurious architecture with outstanding natural beauty. Guests can enjoy views of the canyon below from the resort’s perch atop the Al Hajar Mountains. This alpine resort provides plenty of outdoor sports, from mountain biking to abseiling down cliffs. The resort has several gourmet cuisine restaurants, a world-class spa where guests can relax after a day of exploring, and private balconies where they can take in the stunning scenery.

Aman Venice Hotel

Venice is home to the Aman Venice, a hotel that embodies the city’s elegance. Housed in a grand 16th-century palazzo on the Grand Canal, Aman Venice embraces the city’s architectural heritage. The hotel, one of the most scenic stays, boasts regal rooms with historical frescoes and reliefs, a private garden — a rarity in Venice — and, of course, stunning views of the city’s iconic waterways. Guests can explore the city’s winding canals on a private gondola, stroll through the secret garden, or relax in the elegant, light-filled rooms. 

Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Soneva Kiri, located on the isolated island of Koh Kood, provides an escape from everyday life into a rainforest paradise. The resort rests quietly on Thailand’s fourth-largest but least populous island. As a result, it provides guests with an intimate experience with nature. The villas are set in a beautiful tropical rainforest and overlook the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Soneva Kiri is a haven for nature lovers, boasting a private beach, an open-air cinema amid the jungle, and a treetop dining pod. 

Hoanib Valley Camp, Namibia

This otherworldly camp, situated in the wilderness of Kaokoland, provides an adventure like no other. Learn about the area’s innovative giraffe research while you soak up the local culture. Lose yourself in the diverse fauna, which includes desert lions, black rhinos, and unusual vegetation. Rest easy in your desert abode as you watch the night sky illuminated by many stars. Anyone looking for an immersive experience will find Hoanib Valley Camp an ideal sanctuary of peace and beauty.

Star Arctic Hotel, Finland

This hotel, located in the lovely village of Saariselkä, features minimalist and warm décor that compliments the views of the surrounding pine-dotted countryside. During the day, engage in a Narnian adventure by exploring the snowy environment. At night, be charmed by the dazzling northern lights. For the complete Scandinavian experience, book a suite with its own sauna and unwind amid nature’s magnificence.