Montserrat Is So Exclusive That It Now Only Allows Travelers Who Make $70K Or More
Photo Credit: Aqua Montserrat

Photo Credit: Aqua Montserrat

Montserrat Is So Exclusive That It Now Only Allows Travelers Who Make $70K Or More

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Sep 27, 2021

The Caribbean island of Montserrat is closing its borders to interested visitors who are expecting to book their next vacation there if their annual income is less than 70k.

To protect the island’s beaches, residents, and boost the local community’s economy, the island will not allow travelers who make a certain individual household salary to enter. This initiative is set to hopefully maintain the control of crowds who step onto the tropical sands on Montserrat.

The 1995 eruption of the Soufrière Hills volcano has broken the dormant streak of the active stratovolcano, which has contributed to the famous black sand beaches that surround the country. The Instagram-worthy sandy landscapes are part of what makes the British overseas territory so popular and coveted for those looking to travel globally within their lifetime.

This is a bucket-list item for most, and the volcanic eruption’s vestiges have led to the darker terrain on the coasts surrounding the island.

There are 8 black sand beaches in Montserrat and these picturesque locations are open to travelers who make over 70k annually. This is said to help lower the risk of COVID-19 spreading around the island because the remote destination has practically slim-to-none coronavirus-related issues except for a single COVID-19 death.

The desolate beaches are not full of many tourists, usually making them the best places to disconnect and lay on a picnic blanket all day for much-needed rest and relaxation.

There are a few groups of tourists who are making Montserrat their homes for the next 2 months, and they will support the island’s businesses and financial stability. The longer stays of international tourists will help rebuild the economy and will promote more extended vacations.

The island, itself, has a volcanic monitor chime system that detects if the Soufrière Hills volcano poses a threat to the island at specific times of the day. The ash and remnants from previous eruptions have contributed to the wonders of the black sand beaches that make this destination a hot spot.

Nearby, the popular Caribbean island of Antigua can become a part of your travel itinerary if you are looking to explore more island nations. The remote worker’s lifestyle on Montserrat is a daydream fantasy for many looking to visit tropical oases around the globe.

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