ByChari Jewelry was founded by Jamaican immigrant Chari Cuthbert in 2012 and nearly 10 years after starting, her brand took off with the help of former first lady Michelle Obama.

In 2020, the former first lady wore the iconic 14-karat gold “vote” necklace in her speech during the Democratic National Convention, which was designed by Cuthbert herself.

Nearly 10 years since launching the affordable luxury jewelry line with reportedly only $100, she has managed to grow her brand to more than $2 million a year in sales with a massive following on social media.

During an interview with us, Cuthbert discusses more on what she says has attributed to the success of her company and what’s next for the brand.

Travel Noire: What inspired you to start ByChari?

Cuthbert: To be completely frank, there was no business model behind launching ByChari. It was more of a passion project. I needed an outlet to be creative and jewelry happened to be it at the moment. I really never intended on starting a business. It just so happened that once I got passionate about jewelry and using my background in photography.


Travel Noire: Just by you following a passion and taking that leap of faith, it’s now going on 10 years since you started. What do you feel has contributed to your success over the last 10 years?

Cuthbert: I think continuing to stay passionate about the reason why I started, which is, first, continuing to build a brand that is owned and operated by women. Secondly, creating jewelry that is approachable at all different price points that are sentimental with longevity that can be worn for generations to come.

Travel Noire: Speaking of generations to come, what’s next for ByChari?

Cuthbert: That is something people always ask me. I do love to live in the moment. I want to continue to celebrate each day as it comes with sentimental pieces and telling the stories of women that come to us for our pieces.

I look forward to celebrating 10 years. I look forward to expanding and hopefully do some cool collaborations in the future.