Molinière Underwater Sculpture Park Expansion Honors Art & Sustainability In Grenada
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Grenada Tourism Authority

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Grenada Tourism Authority

Molinière Underwater Sculpture Park Expansion Honors Art & Sustainability In Grenada

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Aug 31, 2023

A world-famous underwater sculpture park in Grenada is getting 31 new additions. The Grenada Tourism Authority unveiled the sculptures on August 25. The additions are an extension of a project started by artist Jason deCaires Taylor in 2006 when the park opened.

In addition to Taylor’s sculptures, local artist Troy Lewis contributed four pieces to the underwater masterpiece. A celebration of Grenada’s rich history and its dedication to marine sustainability

“This is a proud moment for Grenadians, as we can now boast of our Carnival and Folklore characters underwater,” said Randall Dolland, Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority, in a press release. “Upon successful installation, we anticipate increased social media attention surrounding the new additions, enticing visitors to experience these new cultural pieces.”

Honoring Art & Sustainability

Photo credit: Grenada Tourism Authority

Taylor created 25 of the new underwater sculptures. In 2006, the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park became the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Taylor created multiple iconic pieces including The Vicissitudes. 

Displaying children holding hands in a circle, the sculpture became symbolic around the world. Interpretation of the sculpture varies. Some say it depicts African slaves who dived from slave ships and drowned in the sea. Others say it represents the circle of life. Despite its meaning, Taylor’s pieces became the foundation for the new additions happening at the sculpture park today.

The new sculptures include depictions of Grenadian folklore. They showcase its unique heritage and the characters involved in its history. Some of the pieces include “The Lost Correspondent,” “The Unstill Life,” and “The Coral Carnival.” 

“The collection is steeply connected to the island’s unique culture and heritage, which includes sculpted pieces of the Jab Jab, Vieux Corps, Pretty Mas, Shortknee, and Wild Indian,” Taylor said in a press release. “What makes this installation especially unique is the painting of the sculptures that reflects the vibrancy of Spicemas, which is a first for me in this terrain.”

Local Legacy

Photo credit: Stijn Dijkstra

With Lewis’s new additions, the GTA hopes the country’s lasting legacy will be embraced by travelers around the world. Lewis created four pieces – La Diablesse, Mama Glo, Bélé Dancer, and Leatherback Turtle. Grenada’s Minister of Economic Development, Planning, Tourism, ICT and Creative Economy, Hon. Lennox Andrews hopes the project attracts new visitors to the country’s Caribbean shores.

“We are all happy to witness the culmination of this project, which is a demonstration of creativity and originality in our tourism industry and shows the continuous evolution in the quality of the products available to our visitors,” he said in the press release. “As a result of this expansion project, we expect to attract more attention to our shores and to our marine environment in the coming years.”

The new additions in Grenada will remain above water at Prickly Bay Marina until October 2023.

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