The Best Black-Owned Michelin Restaurants in the US
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: FG Trade

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: FG Trade

The Best Black-Owned Michelin Restaurants in the US

Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Sep 18, 2023

Earning a Michelin star is an illustrious achievement in the restaurant world. For many years, the Michelin Guide seldom shone a spotlight on Black-owned establishments. However, a handful of restaurants in major U.S. cities have broken through this barrier. Here are some of the top Black-owned Michelin restaurants across the United States.


Michelin Restaurants
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Catering to a diverse palate, the menu includes a concise glossary, easing the culinary journey for newcomers. Among this Chicago standout’s dishes is the yesiga wot. It is a pleasantly spicy concoction that blends tender beef chunks, fragrant onions and ginger together. To savor every drop of the rich sauce, diners should embrace tradition and replace silverware with soft injera bread. This timeless presentation elevates the dining experience, making it truly immersive.

Luella’s Southern Kitchen

Photo credit: Luella’s Southern Kitchen

Step into this dedicated Chicago-based kitchen, where patience is the price you pay for culinary perfection. It’s not just the food that captivates the guests. The surrounding artwork also adds a delightful charm. The buttermilk fried chicken arrives tender and crispy, accompanied by the warmth of collard greens braised to perfection with ham hock. The menu’s crown jewel is the Mississippi hot tamale stuffed with Slagel Farms beef and oozing melted cheddar cheese.


Michelin Restaurants
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This eatery is a true gem in The Bronx, proudly paying homage to the vibrant Puerto Rican and African-American heritage. The menu is a delicious testament to this rich cultural tapestry, offering a fusion of culinary traditions that harmoniously coexist. Start your journey with the delight of pork rinds, delicately seasoned with barbecue spices and a zesty hint of lemon. Leave some room, for the mojo chicken, accompanied by roasted potatoes, flavorful collard greens and a vibrant salsa verde. Each dish celebrates the Bronx’s diverse and flavorful identity, inviting diners to savor the local culture with every savory bite.


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Ria Graham and her husband, alongside Chef Mitchel Bonhomme, created an exquisite culinary journey that pulsates with the essence of the Caribbean. Their pan-Caribbean cuisine is a vibrant celebration of flavors that transcend boundaries. The rasta pasta is a standout favorite among patrons. It’s a captivating dish featuring yard-long flatbreads, succulent shrimp, Jamaican callaloo and luscious plantain.

For those with a penchant for seafood, the fish tacos beckon with their freshness and flavor, while the braised oxtail boasts a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that lingers in your memory.

Family Ethiopian

Michelin Restaurants
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At this inviting eatery in Washington D.C., the family platter takes center stage, offering a medley of vegetarian and meaty delights, making it the ultimate choice for those looking to savor a bit of everything. The cherished sour and spongy injera bread serves as the perfect canvas for sopping up the rich flavors of dishes.

Some travelers will find Tikil gomen’s harmonious mix of cabbage and potatoes to be an absolute dream. Other travelers are drawn in by the quanta firfir, where tender beef is seasoned with berbere spice and clarified butter. It is a dish that has diners flocking in droves to savor its goodness.


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Embarking on a culinary journey at this establishment offers a tantalizing array of choices that will captivate your palate. Select from options, like the savory kitfo. Delve into a sampler of vegetarian stews, where lentils are simmered in a berbere sauce. For those seeking hearty comfort, this Oakland, California, eatery has a atakilt wot, which a delightful medley of cabbage, potato and carrot stew infused with the golden essence of turmeric. This is one of the Michelin restaurants offering a rich and satisfying experience that will leave you enamored with its intricate layers of flavor.

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