In Good Conscience is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a self-care brand that is fully aware of its sustainable impact on the environment and in underserved communities.

The brains behind the brand, Jerome Clark, grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Black Wall Street once thrived. He instantly became connected to his Black heritage while growing up around the vestiges of a Black community that once took over the helm of Tulsa’s local economy. Defined with tenacity, Clark knew he wanted to create his own business and, in return, give back at the same time. This led to the culmination of In Good Conscience.

The birth of the wellness brand came during the isolating times of the pandemic. Notably, Clark was concerned about the ramifications of COVID-19 and how the virus would damage more vulnerable demographics. He decided to launch in 2020, with one great mission, provide more natural body resources and products for communities of color that may need them most.

Photo Courtesy Of In Good Conscience

“I conceptualized In Good Conscience at the height of COVID and the social unrest in 2020 out of my desire to make a brand that inherently & sustainably supports and gives back to historically under-resourced communities of color,” Clark told Travel Noire. “I wanted to create a business that truly embodies and lives its mission every day, far beyond a momentary marketing story. As such, a portion of each sale is donated to our non-profit community partner and each sale indirectly supports our Black and Brown-owned and-or-led business partners across banking, manufacturing, fulfillment, and marketing.”

There are three naturally-derived formulas that are available to purchase on In Good Conscience’s website. They are all created with love and harmless ingredients without sulfates and superficial fragrances.

The cleansers include a Mandarin Body Wash, a Rosemary Bergamot wash, and a Peppermint Sage wash as well. Each bottle is sold for $12.95 and there is a three-bundle deal sold for $38.95.


“If fortunate enough, showering is something you do daily,” Clark said. “A shower can be a ritual, a retreat, a reprieve; it’s where you go to think and get inspired. Making a naturally-clean product that is universally essential and intended to be used daily was a crucial for me. I wanted something that would be part of people’s daily self-care routines, while helping to drive home our mission of cultural sustainability and living in good conscience across all facets of life – from how you eat, to how you shop, give back and of course, how you shower.”

The importance of an implemented self-care routine proves to be vital for the grander perspective Clark is constructing for the legacy of his brand.

“The goal was to come up with three very different fragrance profiles that would appeal to both men and women and elicit different sensorial moods.  The decision to use all-natural fragrances also added to the complexity, as they tend to be more difficult to stabilize in body wash formula and are much more expensive.”

Photo Courtesy of In Good Conscience

Clark also has larger plans for the self-care brand.

“From a product perspective, we would see ourselves expanding into ancillary categories within the bath and body space.  We’re equally focused on using the brand as a means to drive socio-economic change for underrepresented and underserved communities of color.  In order to succeed on both fronts, we’ll need to establish strong relationships with national retail partners that have committed to creating a more equitable and diverse product offering for their consumers. I’m excited about the potential of this brand and where the business can go in the future.”

In Good Conscience donates some of its proceeds to the Tulsa Dream Center. The Tulsa Dream Center is a non-profit organization that is focused on building more educational opportunities for Black youth and eradicating poverty in the North Tulsa community.

“When you purchase In Good Conscience – you’re quite literally helping to support not only our business but our business partners and the community!”