As the aviation industry undergoes a seismic shift, a new chapter is unfolding. The aftermath of the pandemic has brought forth a definitive preference among the well-heeled: the allure of private jets and air travel. Sidestepping the conventional rigmarole of airport hassles and security screenings has become the hallmark of an exclusive journey.

The demand for Black-owned ventures within aviation and hospitality has taken over. Aaron Wilson and Kelvin Mensah are two brothers emerging from this surge. Together, they stand as the pioneers behind Approved Jets, a private jet company and concierge service that encapsulates a new wave of opulence.

Kelvin Mensah

Photo credit: Approved Jets

Mensah, an ambitious entrepreneur driven by his love for travel, has established himself as one of the youngest and successful private jet brokers globally. Operating across North America, the United Kingdom, and West Africa, Kelvin’s ascent has been meteoric.

In 2022, he orchestrated the chartering of over 500 jets, catering to high net worth individuals from various industries. His resolute commitment to excellence and prestigious clientele have set him apart in the private aviation realm.

Aaron Wilson

Photo credit: Approved Jets

Wilson’s journey as an entrepreneur has been marked by the strategic utilization of his business acumen across diverse industries. Graduating from Binghamton University’s School of Management, Wilson embarked on a trajectory that led him to JP Morgan Chase & Co.

After laying a foundation in finance, he made a transition into human capital consulting and recruiting. This pivot propelled him into executive roles. It also secured him a spot among the world’s top 20 recruiting and sales professionals in Chris LaVoie’s documentary “Art of Recruiting.”

Approved Jets

Kelvin Mensah (left), Aaron Wilson (right) Photo credit: Approved Jets

In 2019, Wilson and Mensah, introduced Approved Jets to the world. The private jet company ascended to become one of the industry’s most recognized Black-owned private aviation brokerage companies. In the next year, Approved Jets not only managed to weather the storm, but also amassed multi-million dollar revenue. This marked the prelude to a trajectory characterized by year-on-year growth, consistently surging by over 25 percent since inception. Wilson and Mensah have retained complete ownership of the enterprise, a testament to their unwavering commitment and resolute vision.