Martha Stewart is the latest celebrity to open a restaurant. The author, host, and lifestyle connoisseur took her talents to Las Vegas to open her new restaurant, The Bedford, on the strip. 

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A new beginning

Since the ‘90s Martha Stewart has been a household name. She started as a model in the ‘80s and her fame grew as a television star, lifestyle entrepreneur, and magazine publisher. She also has a podcast, meal kits, and a product line.

Now, Stewart is entering a new realm as a restauranteur. 

Located at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Stewart’s restaurant, The Bedford, is based on her upstate New York home.

The Bedford

Each room in the restaurant is a reflection of a room in Stewart’s home. The dining rooms are replicates of her living room and bedroom. 

Even the menu is a reflection of Stewart’s personal life. “What you’ll eat here at the restaurant are dishes I serve at my own homes, recipes we have perfected over the years,” says Stewart to Food and Wine. 

Dishes like roasted chicken, halibut with corn chowder, and lemon tarts feature ingredients that are locally sourced. 

“You can splurge here and get very expensive dishes, but you can also eat very nicely for a bit more moderately,” says Stewart.

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