Man Plans Vacation Without Girlfriend Because She Was Too Broke
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Abstract Aerial Art

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Abstract Aerial Art

Man Plans Vacation Without Girlfriend Because She Was Too Broke

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby May 9, 2023

One thing Millennials and Gen Z travelers look forward to is a good baecation. Who doesn’t love a good getaway with their significant other under the tropical sun? Well, one man forfeited a chance to travel with his bae because her pockets were a little light on cash.  

On the Reddit thread Am I The Asshole, a 24-year-old traveler questioned if he’d made the wrong choice by booking a trip to Japan without his girlfriend. Despite his anticipation of this trip for years, he’s now concerned his impulsive decision could’ve put his relationship in jeopardy.

See Ya Later Sucka

In the thread, the man described how he’d always wanted to go to Japan. Being more financially stable than his girlfriend, he followed his impulse and booked a flight. 

Once she found out about his unexpected travel plans, his partner was extremely upset. Not only was she frustrated with his impulsive purchase, but it was hurtful that she wasn’t able to afford traveling and he’d left her out. 

“When I got the chance to buy cheap roundtrip tickets, I informed her briefly but I went ahead and booked for myself,” he said. “Of course, she was understandably upset.”

Although he reassured her they could take trips together in the future, the man is still struggling with taking the trip. He took to the Reddit AITA thread for advice from online users. 

“It’s really tough for me because of course, I want to share these experiences with her but I also wanted to really pursue this trip for myself, even though I’m alone,” he said.

Should He Postpone His Trip?

Now that things have hit the fan, the traveler is questioning if he should still head overseas to Japan. Many Reddit users also believe he may have even damaged his relationship beyond repair. 

“I truly understand where my girlfriend is coming from… Now I feel really guilty of what I’ve done and I’m thinking of not going anymore,” he said.

Some users felt the biggest issue was his not even discussing the trip with his girlfriend. 

“You don’t just book tickets for yourself and say bye-bye I’m off for a few weeks/months,” one user said. “A friend of mine did that to the guy she was living with at the time, and was SHOCKED that he moved out while she was gone, lol.”

However, many other users disagreed saying there’s nothing wrong with taking a solo trip without your partner as long as there is good communication about plans. 

“While I understand her being upset you shouldn’t exactly feel guilty,” another user said. “You can travel alone, and while I get she would want to be included and it can be rough to see others get to do things you can’t, that is not your fault.”

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