Black men and luxury travel aren’t words typically seen in the same sentence. However, more than ever, men of color are venturing outside their backyards and visiting luxury destinations both domestic and foreign.

With so many more men looking to explore the world, here’s a list of black men making their mark in the travel industry, both on and offline.

1. Anthony Barlow

Content creator @ianthonybarlow spends his time between motivational speaking, the gym, and traveling the world. From visiting Universal Studios with his family to hiking through the park grounds surrounding Lake Tahoe, Barlow showcases that you can be physically fit while still living a life of bliss in any destination.

2. Eric Hardiman

Whether it’s visiting the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives or chilling in a jacuzzi overlooking the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland, @luxurytax paints the perfect picture of the good life on his Instagram page.

With over 15 thousand followers and travel content from all over the world, Hardiman is living proof that any travel dream can become a reality.

3. K. Jordan Mason

Living by the hashtag #TakeTripsPostPics, @kjmase is a 30-year-old destined to explore the unknown treasures of the world. A Miami native, KJ said in an interview with Essence that the best part about traveling is the sense of adventure and freedom encountered with every trip. 

His most inspiring travel destination thus far was his visit to Haiti.

4. Phil Calvert

The creator of Phil The Culture and Phil Good TV, @philwaukee had dedicated his life to spreading positivity and seeing the world. With travel experiences in Belize, Greece, Vietnam, and more, Calvert is the face of Black boy joy abroad.

5. Dr. Tony J. Atwater

A Georgia native and education professional, @tony_the_explorer started traveling the world in 2016. Since then, the doctor has visited over 30 places including Mexico, Thailand, and Turkey. 

6. Ibrahima Barry


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With adventure running through his veins, TikTok influencer @i_barry feeds on the thrill that comes with heading into his next travel excursion. From hitting backflips off abandoned ships in Turks and Caicos to driving AVs through the deserts of Dubai, Barry is the daredevil of black men who travel. 

7. Rondel Holder

A humanitarian and travel connoisseur, @kingronthedon has mastered merging luxury and travel together. Oftentimes seen with his wife, Yanique, Holder represents all the black men who love to travel alongside the love of their life. 

8. Corey Hackett-Greene

An avid traveler and style enthusiast, @clhgreene is dedicated to changing lives for a living. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Greene and his business partner saw an opportunity to teach tourists how to travel during a pandemic and educate them on how the travel industry was changing to accommodate their wanderlust.

He believes Black men need to travel because having new experiences are the key to living a limitless life