Love Igloos: The Black Woman-Owned Brand Creating Pop-Up Magic Throughout The UK
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Love Igloos: The Black Woman-Owned Brand Creating Pop-Up Magic Throughout The UK

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 21, 2022

If you ask Carla Dussard’s inner circle, they would describe her as the life of the party. That’s why for those around her, it comes to no surprise that when life handed us lemons these last two years, she turned them into lemonade served inside an igloo. Welcome to Love Igloos.

“I will make a party out of two people and a packet of chips. It’s always, always possible,” she said jokingly to Travel Noire. 

Dussard’s company, Love Igloos, was inspired by her passion for finding any and every reason to celebrate. That passion fueled even deeper for the need to create a space where people could dote on their loved ones at a time when the pandemic restricted parties and gatherings. 

“One night in the shower, I thought this was my calling,” she said. “I told my husband before going to bed that night I would launch my own igloo company tomorrow.”

She meant every word. After an intense six weeks of planning, the concept she daydreamed in the shower came to fruition.

Within the first month, her experiences were selling out, and for good reason. 

From champagne brunches, bridal showers, afternoon teas, and a “girls’ night in,” Dussaard offers a ton of amazing experiences all in an igloo. 

“My two leading packages are probably the ‘Under the Stars Movie Nights’ for couples and birthday groups,  and also my fine dining experience,” said Dussard.

Black Owned Pop Up Experience
Photo Credit: Love Igloos

Almost Giving Up

Life is busy in the Dussard household where there are two children under 3 years old. While Dussard is celebrating one year of business, she admits there was a time when she wanted to give up. 

“When I first launched in March 2021, I completely underestimated how popular my launch would be,” she said “The demand blew me away.”

She added, “I couldn’t cope with the demand and at the same time, my daughter was going on five months. I remember saying to my husband, ‘I think I’m going to close the company because I just can’t cope. The demand is too much.’ I remember him saying to me, ‘So hold on. Let me get this right. You want to close the business because it’s doing really well?'”

But Dussard prevailed and everything began to fall in place. In just one year, she’s done set-ups for English television actresses and worked on several TV sets.

“At times, I stop to think to myself that there are people out there who have invested all of their trust in my ability to deliver something that is very precious to them,” said Dussard. “I feel so honored.”

Dussard says when it comes to planning an event, she is intentional about using other Black-owned businesses to help deliver the experiences.

As for what’s next. She plans to expand the business globally.

For more information on how to book a Love Igloo experience and to keep up with expansion, follow Love Igloos on Instagram.

Black Owned Pop Up Experience
Photo Credit: Love Igloos

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