Thaddeus Massey and Randy Morgan are the founders of Los Negros Organic Tequila

Thaddeus had a short career as a professional athlete, which allowed him to break into the entertainment industry working as a talent consultant. He was able to forge relationships for creative projects, including major beverage distribution companies.

Thaddeus’ experience extends throughout the industry working with major studios, agencies, and management firms on various aspects of creative projects including branding and sponsorship deals for his clientele with major beverage distribution companies.

Photo Credit: Thaddeus Massey

As a former professional athlete, Thaddeus saw a growing need to teach financial literacy in the entertainment and sports world, so he launched a financial solutions and insurance services firm to help TV talent, athletes, and corporate executives find alternative investment options such as tax advantaged vehicles for their businesses and personal estates.

Thaddeus eventually teamed up with Randy to create MorMass LLC to expand its services. Randy also has an extensive background in entertainment & professional sports consultation. 

Both of their companies over time allowed them to create meaningful relationships with many spirits brands. Randy put the buzz in Thaddeus’ ear to create their own sprit brand as they were sealing a deal with a client because Thaddeus ordered a round of tequila flights for the group to celebrate.

As he sipped, Thaddeus noticed none of the “ultra-premium” tasters satisfied his palate.

“Really?! Maybe you should just start your own brother” said Randy.

And that’s what Thaddeus did and told Randy to join him. A week later, Thaddeus booked his flight and headed to Mexico to find the best agave grower and distillery in Jalisco. Thus, Los Négros Organic Tequila was born.

“The name was inspired by the color Black,” Thaddeus told Travel Noire. “If you order the luxurious car service on Uber it’s called Uber Black. When there’s a nice event, women typically shoes their little black dresses. When you go skiing, the top hill is the Black Diamond on slopes. When you run a business, you want to be in the black and not the red. Los Negros translates to The Black which encompasses all those things that are of elite status.”

Photo Credit: Randy Morgan and Thaddeus Massey

Luxury is something both men want people to experience when taking a sip of the brand.

“We want people to feel an experience like no other. We want this to be more than taking a shot of tequila and actually sip the spirit and appreciate it like any other spirit such as Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch is the intention that we are giving the brand,” Thaddeus adds. “It deserves more respect as it represents a whole culture of individuals who put time, energy, effort, and brainpower behind creating an enjoyable experience. Our goal is for people to say, ‘wow, there’s a special event going on. I need to celebrate by buying a bottle of Los Negros.'”

The brand will offcially make its debut in stores Fall 2021. You can find out more about the brand here.