Local Food In Aruba: Here Are Some Dishes You Need To Try
Photo Credit: Ogo

Photo Credit: Ogo

Local Food In Aruba: Here Are Some Dishes You Need To Try

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Nasha Smith
Nasha Smith Jul 16, 2021

As far as islands go, Aruba is pretty tiny — it’s only 20 miles long and six miles wide. But the culinary scene is vast and varied. Local food in Aruba is characterized by unique flavor fusions, influenced by Holland, South America, and the Caribbean.

Aruba is one of a collective group known as the ABC islands, together with Bonaire and Curaçao, which are constituent countries of the Netherlands. The island is located mid-South of the Caribbean Sea and is flanked by Venezuela and Colombia. With a potpourri of over 90 nationalities and cultures, it’s the ideal destination for the adventurous palate and foodies in general.

With so much range, Travel Noire is highlighting some of the best local food in Aruba

1. Stobas

One thing about Caribbean people: they love a good stew. Despite the typically warm weather, the hearty meal is a staple in many islands, and Aruba is no different. Their version of stew, known as stobas, usually consists of beef or goat meat. But conch stew or calco stoba is also a fave.

2. Keshi Yena

Keshi Yena is known as Aruba’s national dish. It is a meal borne out of survival instinct. Leftovers were literally combined and stuffed into the empty rind of a round of Edam cheese. The beef version is more common, but there are seafood options available, though less popular.

3. Pisca Hasa

One of the advantages of being surrounded by water is the prevalence of fresh fish and other seafood. But Arubans keep it pretty simple with their traditional fish meal. Pisca Hasa is fried fish smothered in a creole sauce made of onions, tomato, peppers, and lots of spices. It can usually be found accompanied by a helping of rice and black beans.

4. Pan Bati

This spongy bread looks like a pancake and is another one of those ubiquitous sides that complement every meal. It’s especially good dipped in soups and stews.


5. Pastechi

Pastechi is reminiscent of empanadas or Jamaican beef patties. The fried half-moon shaped pastries are stuffed with a variety of fillings including beef, ham, cheese, tuna fish, or chicken. They are a popular and inexpensive grab-and-go pie.


6. Bolo di Borracho

You can’t leave without tasting the sweet side of the island. Bolo di Borracho is as decadent as it gets. The cake features multiple layers of sponge cake, each doused in rum, filling, and sprinkles. The finishing touch is an overall coating of whipped cream covered in sprinkles and maraschino cherries.

7. Funchi

If you’re a fan of polenta, chances are you’ll love funchi. The cornmeal dough, fried or grilled, is used as a side with almost everything you can imagine, from scrambled eggs to fish.

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