Level Up Your Camping Experience With These 5 Products
Photo Credit: Photo by Nappy Stock

Photo Credit: Photo by Nappy Stock

Level Up Your Camping Experience With These 5 Products

Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jan 6, 2023

It’s 2023, and now is the time to level up your camping adventures. When you’re living in a concrete jungle, there’s nothing like escaping to The Great Outdoors for a few days. Fresh air, blooming flowers and petrichor are better than car exhaust and cigarette smoke anytime!

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a novice, it’s important to have all the necessary equipment. But which products should you choose? Do you have to spend a fortune on the best products on the market? You could if you want to. But there are plenty of affordable choices, and Amazon has you covered.

Here are some items which may be useful during your next camping adventure.

Portable Outdoor Firepit

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

The Rootless Portable Outdoor Firepit  allows you to enjoy the warmth of a nice fire while on the go.

How does it work?

According to Amazon, “this portable firepit features a rollable stainless steel net and folding legs. It is perfect for camping, picnics and other outdoor adventures.”

It has a rectangular shape and the carrying bag is included.

Rockagator 90 Liter Waterproof Backpack

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

When you’re out hiking, the last thing you want is for your backpack to get soaked with your valuables inside.

There are many waterproof backpacks on the market. But check out this orange one courtesy of the Rockagator company.

This product is well-made, durable and super-functional.

Amazon explains, “this gigantic 90 Liter pack will be more than enough to protect all of your vital gear from the elements while you enjoy the great outdoors.”

With a 4.2 out of 5 star rating, it’s clear that most users are pleased with this product.


Feeke Solar Charger Power Bank

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

It’s incredibly important for you to have a source of power for your electronics.

In addition to charging your cell phones and other electronics, this product can also function as a flashlight.

Amazon writes, “it is equipped with two super bright LED headlight flashlights. Hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn the flashlights on and off. This is a very useful extra function whether you are experiencing a power outage or outdoors.”

Another built-in feature is the compass.

Amazon writes, “the power bank also has a built-in high-precision compass, which has been precisely corrected before , so that you will no longer get lost in outdoor activities.”

Portable Urinal For Women

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

For women and other people with vaginas, it can be a real pain to urinate outdoors. Sometimes, frankly, it can hurt to squat.

To address this common issue, HAKDAY  created a silicone device that makes this natural function easier.

Now, folks who don’t have penises can have the option to “point and shoot.”

According to Amazon, the product is “leak-free and easy to use. It has a wide funnel to take the fast flow and full bladder without risk of splashing or backwash. A long spout ensures liquid is directed well away from the body and clothes.”

Portable Camping Kitchen Utensil Set

Photo Courtesy of Amazon


For the chefs or wannabe chefs, this set offers all you need to whip up some goodies.

Amazon writes, “this kit will satisfy all your needs for cooking. It’s perfect for travel, picnics, RVs, camping, hiking, backyard BBQ-ing, parties, concerts, sporting events, boat rides, mountaineering and more.”

Here’s what’s included: “1 storage bag, cutting board, barbecue fork, slotted tongs, paring knife, chef’s knife, wine opener, ladle, scissors, scraper, slotted turner, barbecue skewers, and flatware cutlery.”


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