La Juanita Is Mexico City's First Cannabis Coffee Shop
Photo Credit: La Juanita Facebook

Photo Credit: La Juanita Facebook

La Juanita Is Mexico City's First Cannabis Coffee Shop

Mexico City , Mexico
Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Sep 29, 2021

Located in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood, La Juanita is making history as the first cannabis coffee shop in Mexico.

Since its opening in May, this cannabis cafeteria has become the place for cannabis users and non-users to learn even more about the industry through lectures, events, conferences and non-psychoactive cuisine.

La Juanita ‘s main promoters include journalist and poet Carlos Martínez Rentería, researcher Leopoldo Rivera and ethnologist Carlos Zamudio. This cafeteria seeks to change the way people view marijuana, normalizing its use and teaching the benefits of this herb.

La Juanita CoffeeShop | Facebook

The cannabis coffee shop works like any other. Customers can order breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu features everything from vegan dishes made with hummus, guacamole with hemp seeds, to roast beef chapatas.

La Juanita also offers drinks that include pulque, mezcal, and of course, craft beer.

Co-owner Rivera stated that La Juanita’s main purpose is to offer products related to the safe use of cannabis. On one of its shelves you can buy pipes, bongs, paper and tools for self-cultivation. He points out that one of his goals was to create a place similar to coffee shops that exist in Amsterdam.

Due to regulation, La Juanita can only sell hemp products (cannabis without psychoactive effects), however, they hope that in the future they will be able to offer other varieties for consumption.

The name La Juanita echoes the playful designation of marijuana in Mexico, although the origin of this popular nickname for marijuana is unknown.

The debate over the legalization of marijuana in Mexico gained traction in June when the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban personal use (and even cultivation) of marijuana. Logistically, Mexico’s Congress still hasn’t quite managed to pass a law decriminalizing cannabis, but that could soon change, as reports

You can check out La Juanita’s Facebook page here.

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