Juliet is a Black-owned Speakeasy in Houston that’s doing more than serving cocktails behind what appears to be a movie theater. While most speakeasies are known for their signature cocktails behind hidden doors, Houston’s Juliet is known for its 24K gold Tomahawk steak.

“Not many people know this, but Juliet is a steakhouse,” owner Jamie Allen tells Travel Noire.

The golden steak is not the exception, but the standard of an unforgettable culinary experience Allen says people can expect during their visit.

“We have the best macaroni and cheese of any steakhouse,” Allen says. “I feel very confident saying that. If it’s not the best, it’s definitely the top three. Besides the phenomenal food, we have good service and, all around, a great atmosphere.”

Beyond the steaks, other signature items are the honey truffle chicken and the blackened salmon, usually paired with Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and its well-known macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese can be served in several different ways. Guests can add bacon, truffle, or lobster or have it served as a trio with all three.

Juliet Houston
Photo Credit: Jamie Allen

A Speakeasy Inspired By World Travel

Juliet is not Allen’s first rodeo in the restaurant business, as he owns Candy Shack Daiquiris. He opened the speakeasy in 2021 to bring a different experience to Houston inspired by his travel adventures. 

“As I traveled worldwide, I came across a speakeasy concept in cities such as London, Dubai, and Los Angeles, but I only saw it in bars. I thought it would be really cool if we did it for a restaurant,” he says. “When you come inside, you’ll get a feel of L.A., New York City, London, Toronto, and Dubai. I put all my favorite restaurants into one and brought it into Juliet.”

Juliet is a collection of some of Allen’s favorite places regarding the design, atmosphere, and favorite food items from other steakhouses he visited worldwide. One key element he’s bringing to Juliet is the entertainment with music. 

“Here in Houston, the vibe at steakhouses is boring. The restaurants are playing elevator music, and the design is full of millwork and wood. Many are old school, and there’s nothing really hip and new about it. “

He adds, “Us millennials, we still love to go out and eat, and we love nice restaurants. I created a fine dining space for the millennial.”

Juliet is located at 5857 Westheimer Rd Suite P in Houston. Be sure to book reservations early, as seats inside fill up quickly on weekdays and weekends, especially for Brunch.

Juliet Houston
Photo Credit: Jamie Allen