I’m Single With No Kids Yet A Disney Cruise Gave Me Black Luxury I Didn’t Know I Deserved
Photo Credit: Jwillbintrill

Photo Credit: Jwillbintrill

I’m Single With No Kids Yet A Disney Cruise Gave Me Black Luxury I Didn’t Know I Deserved

Cozumel , Mexico
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 8, 2022

When I told my family and friends that I would be going on a Disney Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, in some way or other, they all laughed and questioned why I would do such a thing since I’m single with no kids.

After some reflection, I would respond by telling them all because Disney Wonder gave me – a Black kid-less woman in her 30s – a luxury I didn’t know I deserved.

I recognized this around the third day of the cruise.  I found myself sitting in the Cove Café aboard the Disney Wonder and couldn’t believe I was actually reading a book.

It’s an activity I promise myself (every year) I would do more of on my vision boards. Yet, I fail miserably because I’m always caught up in deadlines for work.

Black Luxury On Cruise
Photo Credit: Jwillbintrill

If it’s not one of many jobs, then it’s checking in with my parents and trying to be a good daughter all while making the effort to be a good sister and friend.

There’s so much time investing in work and maintaining important relationships in my life that I forget the most important relationship: the one with myself.  

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And it’s more than the daily thoughts of, “did I drink enough water or moisturize my face because, sis, your Black will crack as you get older if you don’t.”

But investing in my happiness and doing things I enjoy without thinking about others.

Isn’t that what luxury is all about? Splurging on yourself. Selfishly. Unapologetically.

“Live with intention” is one of the first lines on my vision board.

Black Luxury On Cruise
Photo Credit: Parker Diakite

And there I am. Sitting in a quiet adults-only café along with four other adults. I’m checking items off my vision board “to-do list.” For a moment, I forgot that I was on a Disney Cruise Line that – like my inner circle – so many people think you have to check off the boxes of “parents” or “family” to enjoy.

Luxury travel for me isn’t always about the price tag but spending time on myself on my terms.

No deadlines for my job.  And not trying to be the best person for anyone else other than myself.

Disney’s cruise line gave me just that. A single, thirty-something woman thinking about my happiness.

I made so much uninterrupted time for myself. I worked out for two hours, laid out in the sun, and snorkeled on the port day in Cozumel.

When it comes to luxury on a cruise, the experience starts with your room. There are a few different options but the crème de la crème are the concierge rooms with an oceanview. These rooms also come with exclusive access to dedicated areas on the ship, including access to a VIP sundeck.

Another highlight on Disney Wonder is the spa treatments at Senses Spa & Salon. There are a few options allowing you to pamper yourself through massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, and more.

If you want to splurge a little more, then book the villa treatment for a private experience in an open-air verandah. Every reservation with the spa comes with a tea ceremony, bathing ritual, and foot cleansing ceremony.

Now let’s talk fine dining. This surprised me the most! You’ll find magic across all of the restaurants on board, but Palo is an adult-exclusive and intimate restaurant inspired by Northern Italy. Palo offers brunch and dinner.

It’s important to note that children are not allowed in this restaurant and there is a dress code.

Fine Dining Disney Cruise
Photo Credit: Parker Diakite

One of the best feelings about the trip – aside from feeling more rested – is splurging on myself and being free of the thought that I don’t deserve it.

As Black people and travelers, we need to do more splurging on ourselves and our experiences. We deserve it.

And to think? I had the actual nerve to be insecure about the trip when a Disney Cruise gave me everything I needed and more.

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