Damon Lawrence is the founder of Homage Hospitality: a new hospitality concept with the Black consumer in mind.

The Howard Alum is on a mission to challenge the way in which space is occupied and the relationships innovators have with spaces while using hospitality as the medium.

Lawrence worked in hospitality for nearly 8 years before making the leap into entrepreneurship in 2015. He credits the murder of Walter Scott as the push for him to create an immediate solution to help change the narrative of Black men being accepted in America.

The brand aims to create “hospitality for all, finally,” according to the website.

A New Kind Of Hospitality| Facebook

In a June 2020 interview, Lawrence spoke on exactly what that meant. He mentioned that his properties will include things that will make any traveler or guest feel welcome, especially those of color. From the types of shampoos to lotion, he predicts people will see their space as freeing, almost like a Utopian feeling.

With properties in Dallas, Oakland, Harlem, Los Angeles’ Inglewood neighborhood, and more, Lawrence has strategically chosen markets he feels have “untold stories.”

The newest location is Albany, Georgia.


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“Today I am pleased to announce the next chapter of the @stayhomage narrative. For the last few months, we’ve worked on a project that has grown so near and dear to my soul. The Hotel Gordon,” Lawrence announced on Instagram. “I went to Albany, GA to soak up the culture and heart of the city. I left feeling like a part of me exists in that community which made me so excited to create a hotel that pays homage to it.”

The hotel will open in 2022.

You can learn more about the brand on the website: anewkindofhospitality.com.