While a prevailing sentiment might suggest otherwise, the notion that Portland lacks a Black presence is inaccurate. This city boasts a thriving population of Black individuals. Their enterprises have etched their mark as pillars within their respective industries.

Morning Coffee at Deadstock

Photo credit: Deadstock

At its core, Deadstock Coffee embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and representation. As a Black-owned establishment, it radiates the resilience of its founder. It also symbolizes the importance of visibility within an industry that hasn’t always been diverse. By championing local partnerships and supporting emerging artists, Deadstock’s impact reverberates far beyond its espresso machines.

Throw Back Beers at Assembly Brewing

Photo credit: Assembly Brewing

Amidst a growing trend of Black-owned breweries, one notable contender stands out for its remarkable impact in Portland: Assembly Brewery. As a beacon of innovation and inclusivity, Assembly Brewery has risen to the forefront of Portland’s brewing scene. Beyond crafting exceptional beers, this establishment embodies a narrative of empowerment and representation. With each pint poured, Assembly Brewery is making significant strides toward fostering diversity within the traditionally homogeneous industry.

Lunch at Kee’s Loaded Kitchen

Photo credit: Kee’s Loaded Kitchen

Kee’s Loaded Kitchen stands as the epitome of outstanding soul food in Oregon. Drawing crowds from distant locales, Kee’s culinary creations are nothing short of extraordinary. From overcoming challenges in the past to establishing one of the most renowned food trucks in the city, Kee’s Loaded Kitchen embodies a remarkable journey. This eatery encapsulates an inspiring tale of transformation, mirrored by the delectable dishes it serves.

A Wine Tasting at Abbey Creek

Photo credit: Abbey Creek

An extraordinary facet of this venture is that it’s helmed by a Black winemaker, Bertony Faustin. Faustin curates tastings set to the harmonious backdrop of classic hip-hop tunes right in the heart of downtown Portland. The experience transcends the ordinary. It’s an exceptional fusion that finds resonance in the ambiance and the exceptional quality of the wines. Within the realm of Abbey Creek, there’s an undeniable infusion of soul that makes the wine tasting experience transformative.

Have A Delicious Taste of Africa From Akadi

Photo credit: Akadi PDX

Akadi restaurant is a captivating destination that specializes in African cuisine. It beckons you on a journey that evokes the vibrant flavors of West Africa. It also draws influences from across the continent. With each bite, the savory delights transport you to distant lands and subtly infuses a touch of Portland’s unique flair. The culinary offerings, delightful and brimming with authenticity, seamlessly bridge cultures and palates.

Dine At Gregory Gourdet’s Kann

Photo credit: Eva Kosmas Flores

A fusion of delectable Haitian flavors and locally sourced ingredients, Kann emerges as a masterpiece in the realm of dining. It stands unapologetically as a beacon of culinary brilliance. For those in pursuit of Caribbean cuisine that resonates with soul, Kann stands as the quintessential destination.

Head Downstairs For All The Vibes At Sousol

Photo credit: Eva Kosmas Flores

Underneath the acclaimed Kann restaurant, another brainchild of Gregory Gourdet takes form in the guise of Sousol. The Sousol is a lounge-style speakeasy that exudes an irresistible allure. Within the intimate ambiance of softly lit surroundings, Portland’s trendsetting congregate, drawn by the mystique of Sousol. With crafted cocktails and bites, Sousol emerges as a captivating destination.