If you’re active on Instagram or TikTok, you may have recently seen a video of two friends who were lucky enough to dine with Nas in Turks and Caicos. Many of the replies expressed sentiments of envy, complete with heart eyes, and some even with drooling emojis. Nas-loving ladies stated how lucky the pair were to be spending time with the handsome hip-hop legend. And some had questions, mainly dying to know how the moment came to be.

TN caught up with one of the ladies, 28-year-old Kiara Moore, an Atlanta-based engineer originally from Detroit, to get the scoop.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore
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“I traveled to Turks and Caicos with my best friend Jillian for her birthday celebration,” says Kiara. “We travel everywhere together. We stayed for five days and four nights.”

Despite being known as a destination frequented by celebrities, that was the furthest thing from their minds during the planning of the trip. The ladies were looking forward to spending their vacation relaxing and having fun. They were especially looking forward to going out onto the water in a clear bottom boat. They never imagined they’d be having dinner with an iconic celebrity or just how memorable Jillian’s birthday trip would be.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore.

What happened:

“The night of Jillian’s birthday, we went to our dinner reservation at Sui Ren. The restaurant was elegant and beautiful, and we were looking forward to dining there. There were not many people at the restaurant. As we were being seated, we thought we were sitting at a table next to Nas but we weren’t sure if that was really him. Minutes later, we realized it was!”

“A table near us purchased a round of shots to celebrate Jillian’s birthday and Nas cheered with everyone from his table for Jillian. Immediately after, Nas bought another round of shots for everyone and walked up for eye contact while cheering. As he was heading back to his table, he asked if he could sit with us and we said ‘of course.’”

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore.

“He’s mad cool”

While many celebrities behave in a haughty, stuck-up manner, unwilling to even take a moment to sign an autograph, Nas is a shining example that fame does not have to go to your head or change you. Nas ended up talking with Kiara and Jillian for hours.

“Nas is such a cool, down-to-earth guy. The conversation was so natural. It was such an epic experience to have dinner with a living legend, but he let it be known that he is human at the end of the day. Everyone at the table just clicked and we talked for like three or four hours about any and everything. Honestly, you would have thought we’d known each other for years.”

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore.

We talked about life:

“Nas is very smart. He talked about his upbringing, dropping out of school at a young age, and more. He even asked about us and our background. We told him how we are both from the Midwest and met at Spelman College freshman year and have been best friends ever since. We told him about our career goals and I told him about my modeling and traveling aspirations. He gave me advice to ‘be consistent’ when pursuing my goals. I sure did take his advice!”

At the end of the video, Nas can be heard saying “I love you” to the ladies. After that night, they only had one more day left in the country and finished off their vacay with jet skiing and great food from Kiara’s favorite local restaurant, Danny Buoy’s. The entire trip was a blast and one they won’t soon forget.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore.

The viral sensation:

From the comments left on the video, it is obvious that Kiara and Jillian’s impromptu dinner with Nas is an experience many people would love to have.

“I love this for you,” one user says.

“I need to travel more,” says another.

“How does it feel to live out my dream?” another user writes, saying what many of us were likely thinking.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore.

Travel dreams becoming reality:

Kiara says the outpouring of love and positive comments makes her feel good, as her travel goal is to encourage people to see the world and live out their travel dreams.

“Lastly, I loved how people enjoyed my personality because what I did in that video was 100% authentically me and it was great to see laughs, giggles, and love about it.”

She also offers a bit of advice to keep in mind if you do encounter a famous person during your travels.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Moore.

In the end:

“Be yourself and treat celebrities as normal people. Celebrities are on vacation, trying to take a break from the fame and truly enjoy themselves. I believe Nas gravitated towards Jillian and I because we treated him as a normal person. He even stated he doesn’t like the term ‘celebrity.'”

Since visiting Turks and Caicos, Kiara has traveled to Italy, Peru, and Switzerland. Some of her favorite destinations are the Amalfi Coast, Italy, Cappadocia, Turkey, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Vitznau, Switzerland, and Santorini, Greece. She is looking forward to visiting Africa soon. You can follow Kiara’s travels on Instagram and TikTok.

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