Home Office Supplies For Digital Nomads
Photo Credit: Christina Morillo/Pexels.com

Photo Credit: Christina Morillo/Pexels.com

Home Office Supplies For Digital Nomads

Brittni Williams
Brittni Williams Dec 21, 2022

Working from home as a digital nomad has a number of benefits. For example, it allows for greater freedom of movement since there is no need to stick to a strict office schedule or stay in one location for the day. Plus, being able to explore new places while still doing your job can help inspire creativity and increase motivation. The ability to work from home while on vacation offers a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds – enjoy all that travel has to offer without sacrificing career success!

Even better, you can find home office supplies to keep you connected and productive, making working abroad even more lucrative.

Working from Home as a Digital Nomad

Working from home while traveling is a great way to blend business with leisure. However, it can sometime be difficult to get into a productive mindset without the right home office setup. To make sure your work is efficient and comfortable, investing in quality home office supplies such as ergonomic chairs, standing desks, or laptop stands can ensure that you are working in an optimal environment.

Once you have established a home office setup suitable for remote working, traveling the world often becomes much easier. Having all your necessary supplies at hand makes getting down to work simpler and more effective! With the right home office setup, it’s easy to take advantage of new surroundings while still getting your work done.

Home Office Supplies For the Digital Nomad

Having a decent home office setup for remote working can make travel way more enjoyable and productive. Investing in quality home office supplies such as ergonomic chairs and standing desks can help ensure that you are comfortable, efficient, and productive when on the go. Here are five products to shop to maximize your home office setup:

1. FlexiSpot - Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8

FlexiSpot is a company on a mission to provide its customers with the best ergonomic products for optimal physical health. From adjustable beds to desk converters, this innovative company has everything you need to work from home comfortably.

And its new Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8 is no exception. Featuring a broad height range, this standing desk is a great way to reduce fatigue from long periods spent sitting at your desk.
Not to mention, its enhanced frame provides added stability for even better posture and reduced neck and back strain.

Tech-savvy shoppers will appreciate its easy-to-use smart control panel with USB ports for maximum convenience. And its built-in wireless charger is perfect for keeping your devices charged so you can be ready for whatever the work day brings.

2. ODISTAR - Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

For a quick and easy way to spruce up your workspace, this cordless Desktop Vacuum Cleaner should do the trick. Featuring a 360º rotatable design, this handy gadget can help keep your desk clean and organized in no time!

It comes with powerful suction that can pick up dirt and dust from hard-to-reach places, so you never have to worry about sticky or dirty keyboards, or bits of food hiding under your books. And with its sleek and stylish design, this will make a fashionable addition to any desk setup. So say goodbye to all that mess in an instant!

3. SOUNDANCE - Adjustable Laptop Stand

Many digital nomads spend time working in coffee shops and coworking spaces where the Wi-Fi is free and accessible. But working in public places can be unsanitary, and not just for the worker.

Laptop stands are the best way to upgrade your remote working lifestyle. No more wiping crumbs or spills left over from previous customers or putting down a blanket or towel to rest your laptop on. This Adjustable Laptop Stand from SOUNDANCE can keep your laptop looking clean and brand new.

And you can forget about hunching over your laptop because now you can sit comfortably while typing away! Plus thanks to its adjustable angles and lightweight design, this laptop stand is super easy to transport to wherever you need it to go.

4. My Style Bags - Boston Weekend Traveler


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Sure, working abroad is great. But transporting office supplies and equipment from one destination to the next is far from a good time.

To help, My Style Bags is a French company that specializes in travel bags and accessories — perfect for digital nomads working overseas.


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For transporting smaller office supplies and devices, the Boston Weekend Traveler is an ideal choice. Each Weekend Traveler is made from quality linen and textured leather so not only is it soft, but durable as well. It also includes a pure cotton lining to keep your valuables free from knicks and scratches. Plus, its interior pocket and zip closure ensure your personal belongings are kept safe and secure at all time.

For transporting larger supplies such as laptops or screen monitors, the Trolley Boston is a steal. Also made from natural linen and textured leather, this 4-wheel travel bag with an extractable handle is perfect for easily manuevering through busy airports or crowded streets.

The best part about purchasing from My Style Bags is that you can request a custom monogram with your initials or name embroidered onto your bag so you can easily find your luggage at any airport baggage claim.

5. TESSAN - Tower Power Strip

As a digital nomad, it is important to be prepared. Perhaps you keep a portable fan for destinations where A/C is a luxury. Or maybe a blow dryer comes in handy in areas where Black hair salons are not commonly found. And of course, you probably carry a number of devices, from your cell phone to your laptop.

To hold it all together, this Tower Power Strip is the way to go. It comes with 11 outlets and three USB chargers so you can plug in your iron, iPad, coffee maker all at the same time.

And not only does it allow you to stay connected and productive, but it supports a wide voltage of 100V-250V to give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what the day brings, a dead battery won’t be one of them!

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