The daughters of two hip hop legends are teaming up together to open a New York-style pizzeria in Los Angeles. Biggie Smalls and Jam Master Jay’s daughters, T’yanna Wallace, and Tyra Myricks are planning to open Juicy Pizza, named after Biggie’s hit song.

Myrick took Biggie’s words “spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way” to heart. When she noticed there weren’t any good pizza restaurants in the LA area, she decided to share New York’s iconic pizza style with the West Coast.

“I realized that LA doesn’t have good NY style pizza so instead of going on an endless hunt for some I decided to make some,” she wrote on Instagram.


Tyra and T’yanna have been friends for some time. While they’re both busy with their own projects, including clothing lines, they decided to share this passion of giving LA something they felt it was missing together.

“The more I thought about how to bring that New York theme to Los Angeles, I felt, who represents New York more than Biggie Smalls?,” Myricks told Business Insider.

The new Juicy Pizza will open at 615 N. La Brea in the building next to Bludso’s.

According to Eater, the menu will include cheese and pepperoni pizza, oxtail, beef and broccoli, jerk chicken, and chopped cheese egg rolls. When you walk into Juicy Pizza, you will have all the East Coast vibes in LA as the restaurant will pay homage to New York City.

What better way to do that than with subway car details and a bodega?

According to Eater, the restaurant will open on June 12, but it’s not just about pizza. It will have true bodega vibes as it will sell merchandise and clothing from Myricks, and there’s reportedly a members-only cannabis lounge run by Black-owned Presidential Cannabis in the back. What a vibe!