Haiti Receives Support From The U.S. & Canada To Combat Gangs
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Haiti Receives Support From The U.S. & Canada To Combat Gangs

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Dec 15, 2022

Haiti received support from the United States and Canada Saturday through armored vehicles and supplies as gangs threatened to overthrow the government.

Supplies Shipped To Port-au-Prince

In a statement from the U.S. State Department, the government of Haiti purchased the equipment but did not express what supplies were sent to Port-au-Prince.

“This team (Haitian National Police) will assist in their fight against criminal figures who are inciting violence, obstructing the flow of critically needed humanitarian aid, and preventing the spread of cholera,” according to the State Department, as reported by NationWorldNews.com.

Gangs & Protestors

Photo by Motortian for Canva

To add insult to injury, Haiti is also going through a severe case of Cholera, with nearly 600 suspected cases, 300 hospitalizations, and 35 deaths. Experts say that conditions could still be worse than reported, as The Pan-American Health Organization indicated.

Support from the U.S. and Canada comes one month after the gang took over a fuel terminal in Haiti and demanded Prime Minister Ariel Henry resign.

Protestors are blocking roads in major cities to combat the rise in gas prices after the Prime Minister claimed he could no longer subsidize gasoline and diesel. Since the gang seized the terminal, gas stations have closed, and hospitals, grocery stores, and banks are operating fewer hours due to the lack of fuel, water, and other resources.

This past Saturday, the gang hit another fuel terminal for a second time and left with 28,000 gallons of fuel with full force against the terminal’s surveillance and emergency personnel. This was the second time in the same week that shooters had taken over the fuel terminal.

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