Starting a business with your siblings can be a hit-or-miss venture. For Eugene Ahadome and his two siblings, it’s a hit. Ahadome, along with his brother and sister, created Lake Club, a day resort in their home country of Ghana. “We all absolutely wanted to build something in our home country, give back and be successful adding significantly to its development,” Ahadome tells Travel Noire. 

The idea came about during the pandemic when they realized they had a common interest in being near water. They all spent a lot of time doing water sports, such as rafting, rowing and wakeboarding.

“We were also honestly incredibly embarrassed at how much time we spent on these waters abroad versus in Ghana whenever we visited,” Ahadome explains. “A lot of that had to do with issues of safety and not having much to do on or around the waters in Ghana.”

Lake Club Ghana SIblings and Founders
Photo Credit: Lake Club

With Ahadome’s experience in marketing and partnerships, his brother’s general management credentials, and his sister’s operational expertise, they joined forces to open a stunning luxury day resort in Akosombo. Akosombo is home to the largest man-made lake in the world by surface area. Located about two hours away from Ghana’s capital city of Accra, Lake Club is redefining water sports and luxury.

“We were bringing in a very specific vision and doing something that has not been done before in the country — a day resort centered around water sports,” Ahadome said. To ensure that Lake Club excels in service to it its guests, Ahadome left his corporate job at Facebook. He now manages the luxury resort full time. 

Travel Noire spoke with Ahadome about opening a resort, what to expect when visiting and the food to try. 

Travel Noire: Why did you choose Akosombo as the destination for Lake Club?

Eugene Ahadome: For us, [Akosombo’s] beauty rivals some of the best known travel resort locations in the world. It is also quite centrally located, being close to major metropolitan hubs in Ghana such as Accra and Ho. 

There are various transportation options to get to Lake Club. Rentals are available from the airport, most of which include a driver. Uber and other ride-share apps are widely available in Ghana. For large groups, Lake Club is also able to help arrange a shuttle from Accra. 

Lake Club Ghana
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TN: What is the most challenging part of opening a resort with your family? 

EA: I think for us it was about how we approach this truly as a real business. Family allows you to know upfront who has what skills and the opportunity to match each person to the right role. [But,] it brings the challenge of allowing each person to truly own their role and make the necessary decisions.

TN: Is it rare to have resorts owned and operated by Ghanaians in Ghana?

EA: It depends on where in Ghana. In Accra, that is the case where the majority of the best resorts are owned and operated by foreigners. Entrepreneurs in Ghana have looked outside of Accra, taking advantage of local knowledge to open some amazing resorts and turn places, such as Kwahu, Prampram, and Akosombo into resort towns. 

Akosombo is home to world-class Ghanaian-owned resorts, such as Bridgeview Resort, The Royal Senchi, Afrikiko Riverfront Resort, and Peninsula Resort and Golf Club. 

TN: What can travelers expect when booking a vacation at Lake Club?

EA: A visit to Lake Club starts before arrival. Message us about your dietary [needs] and other preferences, and we will do everything to accommodate you. Let us know if you will be coming with kids, and we can arrange complimentary swimming lessons and a nanny. 

Once at Lake Club, expect to oscillate between bouts of relaxation and adventure. Get your heart pumping on our custom F1 jet skis, and then relax in our shaded cabanas surrounded by palm trees with a signature piña colada in a coconut cup. 

water sports at Lake Club Ghana
Photo Credit: Lake Club

At night, watch the sunset over the surrounding mountains and party with our in-house DJ, either in our clubhouse or by the lake with a bonfire crackling. This is a regular day at Lake Club. 

If you happen to visit during one of our special events, such as the upcoming Heroes vs Villains, then you might find yourself choosing between competing teams, in a kayak battle against your favorite celebrity, or racing to capture the opponent’s flag.

TN: What are some must-try dishes at Lake Club for travelers to get a true taste of Ghanaian cuisine?

EA: Our seafood is straight from the surrounding Lake, so our Banku (maize/cassava flour) and Tilapia are one of our most popular dishes

We also take a local twist on some national and international dishes, such as Jollof and fried rice. Our signature Lake Club burger is made with local spices. It tastes nothing like you would find in Accra or anywhere globally.

FOod at Lake Club Ghana
Photo Credit: @lakeclubgh / Instagram

TN: What is the best time of year to visit Lake Club?

EA: All times are the best times! We understand that Ghana in December is the place to be, so that is always going to be a good time to visit. However, we deliberately opened outside of December to show the depth that Ghana has to offer. Ghanaians and travelers have responded well. Any given weekend is a vibe at Lake Club.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.