Get To Know Major Bloom: Worcester's First Black-Owned Marijuana Dispensary
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Get To Know Major Bloom: Worcester's First Black-Owned Marijuana Dispensary

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Apr 20, 2022

Major Bloom is the Black-owned Marijuana dispensary and delivery in Worcester, Massachusetts that you need in your life. 

Abundant in impact-driven Cannabis lifestyle products, Major Bloom is the go-to recreational Cannabis Dispensary, and is the very first Black-owned space of its kind in the region. As of April 11, the Worcester dispensary offers the service for Worcester County residents to have Cannabis delivered straight to their door.

In doing so, the brand has been able to bring jobs to the region, as well as realigning the Massachusetts region with the legacy of the cannabis industry.

Since opening its doors in August 2021 the space has been an enormous part of expanding the community. The building itself had been vacant for 20 years prior to the highly-anticipated opening. The successes have been abundant, and an entire year is yet to pass.

“Inspiring those to improve conditions and reverse the harms of prohibition, we create dope products to help our communities” is what it reads on the website, promising a new and rethought way of navigating cannabis as an integrated part of community. 

“Traditional weed smokers are not used to coming into retail spots” says Ulysses Youngblood, Major Blood’s President and Co-Founder, in a recent interview with MassLive. Major Bloom works to help reimagine the space that cannabis might have in retail.

Ulysses Youngblood, originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, moved to Worcester and came up with the idea Major Bloom” Originally, Youngblood imagined it as a cannabis cultivation center in Attleboro, and later he shifted his vision and turned the 5,000-square-foot location in the Canal District into the first Black-owned social impact cannabis dispensary. 

The Worcester Mag detailed that Major Bloom has seen a sales of $1 million before its first birthday, a major success for Youngblood, his legacy in the community and the ongoing social work that Major Bloom could cultivate in the area. 

This year, Major Bloom will celebrate the 4/20 holiday by launching brand new THC-infused cereal bars. MassLive reported that the dispensary has partnered with Infused Element, a Holyoke-based company that produces cannabis-infused products. The Worcester dispensary will be debuting three flavors of infused cereal bars […] including rice crisps, fruity crisps and cocoa crisps’. 

The cereal bars were created to usher in a sense of nostalgia; the childhood snack can be enjoyed as adults wanting to enjoy cannabis in a non-traditional manner. The bars are gluten-free and contain coconut, and each are 5 mg of THC. The retail price can be $15 and the full effects of the THC can be felt roughly after 60 – 90 minutes. 

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