The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) has decided it’s about time to champion and shine a light on smaller lodging options in Saint Lucia.

While there are several opportunities to explore the island’s larger, popular luxury resort accommodation options, there has been a huge shift with focus on smaller, boutique options. The SLTA has launched a new marketing campaign to promote the hundreds of smaller properties on the Caribbean island.

The “Collection de Pépites,” is the marketing program that supports over 400 smaller properties in Saint Lucia, ranging from locally run B&Bs, boutiques, inns and even luxury villas.

According to the initiative’s website, the chosen name “originates from Saint Lucia’s French heritage and means a collection of small pieces or nuggets of gold. And hundreds of Collection de Pépites properties can be found throughout the island.”

The SLTA has claimed that the properties will give visitors a different experience in the country, allowing for a more intimate chance to discover the culture, culinary and wellness experiences that await on the island.

Some of the accommodations included and promoted by the initiative include Têt Rouge, a boutique resort located on the hills just above Choiseul, at the base of Gros Piton and Paradise Hotel,  a set of four oceanfront cottages.

“We are really excited to bring together this collection of wonderful property gems for people to discover,” Lorine Charles-St. Jules, CEO of SLTA, told Travel Daily News International. “We know from visitor feedback that there is a real demand for these distinct properties, many of which allow the opportunity to get closer to the action for an authentic experience.”

There are various initiatives and encouraging nods at what is likely to be a huge shift in Saint Lucian tourism. From the rise in Black-owned eco lodging options to the implementation of Saint Lucian Kwéyòl into the world of tourism in the country, there is a huge amount to look out for.

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