Frontier Airlines is offering free flights to individuals who are willing to adopt three adorable stray kittens. According to the Independent, the babies are currently housed at the Animal Foundation, a Nevada veterinary clinic and pet shelter.

The foundation has named the kittens after three U.S. airlines—Frontier, Delta, and Spirit. The kitties are believed to be a few weeks old. The shelter Tweeted a photo of the kittens with a caption reading “Meet the newest additions to our kitten nursery!”

“Spirit’s name used to be Southwest, but due to recent events, our marketing team requested we change it,” continued the Tweet, speaking of the mass cancelations that took place over the holidays. The airline canceled more than 15,000 flights, which the airline attributed to weather conditions. Tens of thousands of travelers were left stranded in the ordeal.

Frontier’s offer

When Frontier became aware of the kittens, it took to Twitter offering free flights to those who adopt the kittens.

“This is so sweet! Thank you for the honor, @animalfndlv!” said the post. “We’d love to donate two flight vouchers each to the people who adopt @Delta and @Spirit; and four vouchers to the person who adopts Frontier.”

“For persons who adopt kittens Spirit and Delta, they will each receive two vouchers valued at $250 for a total of $500 in vouchers per pet parent,” the airline told The Independent. 

“For the person who adopts kitten Frontier, that individual will receive four vouchers valued at $250 each for a total value of $1,000 in vouchers.”

“We were delighted the rescue organization decided to name these three adorable kitties after airlines, including ours. Underscoring the plight of animals is near and dear to us,” Frontier said.

“Every one of our aircraft features an animal on its tail with a name and special backstory with many of them from threatened or endangered species. We were more than happy to provide a little extra incentive to encourage the adoption of these three precious kittens.”

For travelers looking to adopt the stray kittens

Other users soon began to respond to The Animal Foundation’s posts, expressing interest:

“Where and when can they be adopted?” asked one.

“OMG I want them without the free flight!” said another.

The foundation addressed the many inquiries regarding when the kittens would be able to be adopted, saying, “These little kittens are going to be with their mom until they reach 1.5 lbs in weight and are cleared by our medical team. We will post them on our adoptions page when they are ready.”

Another airline, another adoption

Last month, Travel Noire reported another story involving an airline and a pet in need of a home. In August, a six-month-old German Shepherd arriving in San Francisco from China was abandoned when his owner could not furnish proper documentation for the pup.

The dog was barred from entering the country due to the CDC’s strict restrictions on animals arriving from countries with a high risk of rabies. The initial options presented were to send the dog back to China, where he would be put down upon arrival, or to euthanize it locally.

Fortunately, neither had to occur. Captain William Dale, a United Airlines pilot ended up adopting the dog, who had been named Polaris, after the airline’s business class. He gained a new pet and Polaris gained a new family and forever home.

While staff members of the airline were happy to see Polaris go to one of their own workers, they reminded Dale to make sure he took good care of him.

“More than one employee said to me, ‘You better take good care of him…or else,’” Dale told the Washington Post. “There was even a wag of a finger.”

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