If you’re having flight problems I feel bad for you son, Frontier‘s got 99 problems and their phone number is done. “Hit me!”

Customer Support Fo' What

It’s no surprise that Frontier Airlines, which is $200 Million in debt over refunds owed to passengers over the summer and just released a $600 “Metrocard”, no longer wants to deal in the customer support business. As for now, their customer support number will lead you to the following automated message: 

“We offer the lowest fares in the industry by operating our airlines as efficiently as possible. We want our customers to operate efficiently as well, which is why we make it easy to find what you need at FlyFrontier.com or on our mobile app. We also have a chat service.”

The recording cuts off without offering customers the option to speak with an agent. 

Frontier Chatbots & WhatsApp ?

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According to a statement from Frontier, the change was made last weekend.

“We have found that most customers prefer communicating via digital channels,” the discount carrier said. “Customers can visit our website and interact initially with a chatbot that provides answers to common questions. If live agent support is needed, we have live chat available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Customers may also chat with us via common social media channels and Whatsapp.”

Frontier is now the largest airline in the U.S. to not offer customer service via telephone.