An investor in real estate used TikTok to talk about his experiences as a parent flying with kids, which sparked a debate on social media about parenting styles. Some people praised his caring and patient approach, while others criticized him for being too permissive with his children.

TikTok user Samuel Leeds shared a video on April 20 in which he and his family take a flight together but sit in different cabins. The TikTok video shows Leeds putting his two young children in economy class while he and his wife enjoy lie-flat seats and a gourmet meal in first class.

Leeds wrote on TikTok, “Rich people, don’t spoil your kids,” referring to his opinion on how wealthy parents should treat their children. “Walking past business class, because I earned it,” the video continues.

Leeds also gave credit to his wife in the video, with the narration reading, “My wife who helps build the business with me.” 


Don’t worry, they were sat with their nanny ❤️ dint spoil your children #samuelleeds #richpeopleproblems #spoiledchild

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The video concludes with a shot of Leeds’s wife clinking glasses. In the video’s description, Leeds remarked that the kids were sitting with their nanny. The video has since been viewed 23,800 times.

 Leeds has more than 242,000 TikTok followers and is the co-owner of Property Investors, where he teaches property investing courses.

The real estate investor joined the UK’s real estate industry in 2008 and claims that he became a self-made millionaire within seven years.

TikTok users were quick to respond to Leeds’s parenting style of flying with kids. While some comments were supportive, others were downright hateful. Other users defended Leeds’s decision to enroll his children in a coaching program, praising his approach to parenting. “I’m not rich but thanks for the tip,” a TitkTok user wrote.

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