In my 20-somethings years of life experience so far, I’ve learned that certain things become less stressful as you repeatedly do it. However, aspects of travel such as packing, unpacking, staying hydrated and my skin always seem to induce a mild anxiety attack. 

Travel + Leisure recently spoke with flight attendants from around the word on their ultimate hacks for the best flying experience and some really great gems were dropped.

Here’s what the flight attendants had to say:

Remember To Stay Hydrated

When flying for more than 4 hours, I try my best to stay hydrated but sometimes it can get a bit tricky. Jason Firth, a lead flight attendant on Qantas shares what he does for hydration:

“On a long-haul flight like the ones Qantas operates between the U.S. and Australia, the most important thing is to keep hydrated — inside and out. My advice is to drink water constantly throughout the flight. I also recommend Bio-Oil to keep skin repaired and hydrated, as well as lip balm and [moisturizer]. I’d also tell our customers to make sure they’re wearing something comfortable.”

United Airlines flight attendant, Kristen Jefferis recommends drinking tons of water: “Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! It’s important to drink more water than we normally would when we fly because the air is drier on a plane. If you compound that with the energy we have expended walking through the airport just to get to the aircraft, we could become dehydrated by the time we’ve landed at the destination, so it’s important to remain hydrated when you fly. It also helps to reduce the [effects] of jet lag.”

Another great tip is to bring your own water bottle on the flight. 

“Bring on board your own empty bottle or container and we will happily keep you hydrated by topping up the bottle with water throughout the flight. Also, it’s important to remember that alcohol can be really dehydrating, so have a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage you have!”, shares Virgin Atlantic Crew Member, Carly J Navin. 

Practice Self-Care

It’s easy to stay up during the entire flight but if you’re traveling far, you should rest — your body will thank you for it. 

British Airways Crew member, Alison Chandler, says: “Some of my favorite tips are about how to look and feel fresh and healthy while flying. For instance, if you plan to nap, take advantage of being off your feet for a while and treat yourself to a mini-pedicure. Slather your feet in a high-quality moisturizer, put on a thick pair of socks (the pair from our amenity kits are perfect!), and you’ll wake up to wonderfully soft and smooth feet!”

She also mentions: “Hot drinks such as tea and coffee, and alcoholic drinks can be quite dehydrating. And along with the dry cabin atmosphere, they can have a pronounced effect on your comfort level. Two glasses an hour is recommended.”

Give Your Skin Some TLC

The downside to flying is how dehydrating your skin can get. Spirit Airlines flight attendant, Shannon Dewitt recommends: “Always drink 8 fluid ounces of water per flight hour and use the best skincare products. The skincare brand I prefer for hydration protection for my face is Kiehl’s. It does not leak under pressure and has the perfect travel size!”

Another recommendation by George Carrasquillo, a JetBlue crew member is to get a hydration mist and spray on your face during the flight for added moisture.

Always Be Nice

It’s super important to be nice to the flight staff and passengers on the flight. Mandi Fleishman, an American Airlines flight attendant shares: “The No. 1 inflight travel tip is to be nice to your crew and fellow passengers because you don’t know [the] reason they are traveling or what they have going on in their lives. Secondly, always give yourself extra time to get to the airport! You don’t want to be stressed and frazzled before your trip even begins.”

Be Strategic About Packing Your Carry-On Luggage

Norwegian Air flight attendant, Monyetta Nation says: “Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on bag in case of an inflight accident. Pack a scarf — no matter what time of the year, it always comes in handy. Wet wipes are your friend! Wipe face, hands, and whatever else that needs refreshing. Always wear shoes in the lavatory, the water on the floor may not only be water.”

Keep A Close Eye On Your Valuables

In general, it’s important to always watch over your valuables but when flying it’s essential and will help avoid unnecessary stress while abroad. 

Michel Simon, an American Airlines flight attendant shares, “I carry a wallet in my flight bag designated only for air travel with my ID, passport, and two credit cards. My ID and passport never leave this wallet, and the wallet never leaves my flight bag when I’m at home. When I get to my room, in whatever country I’m in, I put the wallet in the safe and carry one credit card with me at all times with a very small amount of cash in a purse that I keep close to me at all times. This way, If something happens (which unfortunately can when you travel), I only lose a minimal amount of time, cash, and pride.”