Imagine spending seven hours commuting to work and another seven hours commuting back home daily. Not to mention, that 14-hour commute doesn’t even factor in the time spent working. That can equate to a whopping 30-hour day, and it’s the reality for Malick Mercier, a flight attendant for a major American airline. Mercier resides in Los Angeles, California, but is stationed in New York City for his job.

In the aviation industry, schedules are specific and detailed, and flights are interwoven across the globe. However, Mercer knows how to finesse and is dedicated to his passion for his job. He navigates the challenges of his position with grace and cherishes the moments in the sky.

“If you complain about your commute to work well I’m about to humble you because I commute seven hours to work,” he beams on a TikTok video where he documents his profession.

A Love for Aviation

“I always loved aviation,” said Mercier in an interview with Business Insider. “Growing up I was just super obsessed with planes. I had always dreamt of being a flight attendant,” he continued.

Malick’s journey gained attention when he posted a TikTok video showcasing his daily routine to and from work. In the video, Malick’s commitment shines as he shares snippets of his lengthy commute, from the plane ride from LA to the bustling city streets of New York City. He is very honest about the behind-the-scenes reality of being a super commuter.

In his interview, he admitted that most times the airlines do not know where you are, they just expect you to show up on time for work. Mercier’s commute involves a combination of trains, buses, and flights, spanning hundreds of miles to reach his workplace.

“I make the commute about four times a month,” he said. Sometimes he takes three to four buses a day to get to work. Although time is of the essence, Mercier is efficient and has always made it to work in time. In his videos, he explains that he tries to book his flights the night before with his airline so that he’s prepared for his journey.

The Commute Is Worth it in The End

Navigating delays and disruptions can be stressful and sometimes test his patience and resolve. However, he makes life as a flight attendant work best for him. Recently, Mercier gushed about getting to work flights for the sole purpose of seeing friends and family in a TikTok he posted. He was able to spend time with his mother and friend during their birthday, even though he was working. All the while, Mercier is on the clock and getting paid to spend quality time with the people he loves. That is the icing on top of the cake.

His job also affords him life-changing experiences. Last year, he visited Haiti for the first time, the island his family is from. He was grateful for the opportunity and documented his experience on TikTok.

Being a flight attendant is more than just a profession for Malick, it’s a calling. He genuinely cares and commits to flight attendance. Every day he embraces the challenges of his commute with resilience. He has a remarkable journey as a super commuter but embodies the essence of dedication. He travels to achieve his dreams, no matter the distance.

“I think I’d keep commuting as long as I was this passionate about it…plenty of people are like, ‘Is it worth it?’ And I feel like, yes, because this is my dream,” he stated in his interview.