A 17-second TikTok video from a flight attendant has travelers thinking twice about their safety. Allyah McIntyre is a U.S.-based flight attendant known to share a glimpse of what life is like for flight attendants behind the scenes. Known as @flightattendantbaelee on TikTok, a recent video she posted shows us the travel safety essentials needed to stay safe.

“I don’t care how many hotels I go to, I will never stop doing my hotel security search,” McIntyre says at the beginning of the video.

From there, McIntyre shows how she uses a hanger to check for people who could be hiding behind curtains. She also shares the portable lock she uses to secure the door a step further than the hotel. Lastly, she puts a security foot stop in the door with an alarm.

McIntyre’s video has millions of views and thousands of comments from people thanking her for the advice.

“Note to self. Add hanger check to my security list! Thanks,” Kim Johnson commented.

“This is genius,” TikTok user Just Riley, adds. “I’m a female who has spent one too many nights scared in a hotel room!”

Meanwhile, others chimed in on their own scary experiences.

“I found [out] on the 3rd of 4 nights, I could open my room door without the key,” said TikTok user @ninawannaweina. “Thank god nobody tried me.”

McIntyre’s video has sparked healthy conversations within the travel community regarding safety and is a reminder for people to never let their guard down.

Here are the top travel safety essentials that every traveler should have to stay safe when out of town.

ZZRUI Portable Door Stopper Floor Wedge Security Alarm

ZZRUI Portable Door Stopper Floor Wedge Security Alarm
Photo Credit: Amazon
$15.95 ($5.32 / Count)
ZZRUI Portable Door Stopper Floor Wedge Security Alarm

If you’re a heavy sleeper, the portable door stopper floor wedge is perfect for you. When the stopper senses door pressure, it will make a loud sound to alert you.

There are three noise and sensitivity options you can choose from, including low, medium, and high. “H” for high represents the most sensitive level that a small vibration will trigger the alarm.

This package includes three door alarms that are easy to carry. These are great for giving you peace of mind when you travel. Place them in the bedrooms or front doors of your Airbnb or by hotel doors.

Divine Eagle Mini Spy Camera

Divine Eagle Mini Spy Camera
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Divine Eagle Mini Spy Camera

For extra protection, consider a mini camera while you’re away from your hotel or Airbnb. The Divine Eagle hidden mini camera check is compact and small but gives you a full, clear 1080 HD video with a viewing angle. This hidden camera allows you to keep an on your valuables from your phone. You can also keep watch on your personal space while cleaning crews are inside.

The USB spy camera automatically records and overwrites the oldest files when full for continuous recording and comes with surge multi-protection to save SD cards from corruption.

WINONLY Travel Door Lock

The travel door lock is small enough to carry in a pocket or handbag, making it very convenient and handy to take with you when you travel.

It’s designed to fit most doors to add extra security to your room by preventing unauthorized entry, especially when traveling and staying in hotels. It’s small but will hold your door shut firmly.

This device is easy to use. You don’t need to nail or screw anything into the walls or doors. The medal part goes into the hole in the door jam, and then you close the door, take the red handle, and insert it into the lock in place.

TSL Travelers Security Lock

TSL Travelers Security Lock
Photo Credit: Amazon
TSL Travelers Security Lock

The traveler’s security lock can be used the same way as the travel door lock above, but this one is designed with tougher material, making it more expensive.

It provides a solid hold on the door that won’t budge and works the same as a deadbolt. You will never want to travel without this TSL lock, especially if you are staying somewhere with a keyless entry system or hotel.

The device works with all left or right-handed doors and is designed with aircraft aluminum to pass the toughest tests.

You can easily take the lock with you as it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Master Lock Adjustable Door Security Bar

The Master Lock adjustable door security bar is a door jammer, which ultimately prevents forced entry. It enhances hotel, home, and apartment security by stopping someone from opening the doorknob.

The door jammer is portable and compact making it easy to store and ideal for travel. No tools are required. Simply adjust the bar length using the release button and prop under the doorknob.

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