As the movement to fight for racial equality and awareness continues, there’s been a push to recognize the success within the Black community by honoring Black-owned businesses.

One of the best ways to show your support for the Black Lives Matter Movement is to educate yourself about the history and culture from the lens of Black writers from around the world.

That’s why we have created a list of Black-owned book stores in London you can support.

Books of Africa is a publishing company created by African and British nationals that aims to promote African literature and culture.

“We believe that there is an ‘African vision of the world’ which can be promoted through the perspective of the writings of Africans, including those from the Diaspora as a contribution to the worldwide debate,” a statement on its website reads.

Books of Africa has a collection of fiction, literature, history, and biographies that you can purchase online.

From common ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, fibroids, eczema,  Pempamsie is an alternative and holistic health store in Brixton.

In addition to alternative health options, oils, and art,  Pempamsie offers a significant range of Black interest books.

Visitors to Pepukayi Books describes the store as a place that “heavily reflects the Black experience.”

Located in Tottenham,  a neighborhood in North London known for its Caribbean and Ghanaian influence, Pepukayi has a vast variety of books about Black history, culture, spirituality, fiction, and even books for children and teens.

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This one is for the children.  Round Table Books is a new, inclusive children’s bookshop in Brixton. 

“Round Table Books exists to celebrate underrepresented children’s books, writers and illustrators,” a statement on the website reads. “We curate and stock books from the widest variety of the UK and Irish publishers possible.”

New Beacon Book is closed for the summer to help curb the spread of the coronavirus but when they reopen be sure to check them out.

Located in North London,  New Beacon Books was founded in 1966 by John La Rose and his partner Sarah White. It was the UK’s first black publisher, specialist bookshop, and international book distributor. 

New Beacon Books specializes in African and Caribbean literature.