Five Best Destinations For Black Creatives Seeking Inspiration
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Cedric Fauntleroy

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Cedric Fauntleroy

Five Best Destinations For Black Creatives Seeking Inspiration

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Aug 15, 2023

Digital nomads working remotely are becoming increasingly popular across the country. However, for Black creatives, sometimes you don’t need to move. Sometimes, all you need is a quick getaway to spark a fresh burst of inspiration. 

Some destinations have a more creative vibe than others. It’s important to select a creative getaway that fits your needs. 

From walking the same streets as iconic, Black legends to vibrant aesthetics and historical landmarks, there’s a lot to consider when deciding where you’ll visit to create your next masterpiece. Here are five of the best destinations for Black creatives seeking inspiration.

Fort Lauderdale

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Along the southeast Floridian coast, Fort Lauderdale has all the tropical vibes right in the states. The city isn’t far from Miami. Travelers can head there for parties and nightlife once they’ve finished creating. 

The city is full of palm trees, green foliage and interesting wildlife. Its canal system winds through the neighborhoods, hence its nickname “The Venice of America”. 

If you’re up for a drive, creatives can visit Eatonville. It’s a few hours away from Fort Lauderdale. Eatonville is one of the first all-Black municipalities in the US and the birthplace of author Zora Neale Hurston. A getaway within a getaway, a trip to Eatonville is sure to spark the creative vibes travelers are seeking. If a tropical, history atmosphere is the creative spark you need, be sure to visit Fort Lauderdale.

Sedona, Arizona

Out west, Sedona, Arizona, is the red-rock getaway Black creative didn’t realize they needed. Some consider the city to be an energy vortex. This is a great place to manifest your creative goals and create something new. 

There’s plenty to see and do, especially if you are a nature lover. Believed by Native Americans to be a place where magic and miracles happen, the beauty of Sedona is enough to inspire any creative being.

New York

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New York is a hub for all creatives and the birthplace of some of the world’s most incredible creative moments. Hip Hop was born on Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. The Harlem Renaissance transformed creativity in America. The Apollo Theatre served as a platform for some of the most legendary performances of all time.

The Big Apple is the city where legends roamed. Being in the same place as Black creatives who’ve achieved success is inspiring and motivating. The city never sleeps, so creativity flows in NYC all day and night.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another stop. There’s plenty to draw inspiration from in this historic melting pot of culture and creativity. 

The NOLA aesthetic is the perfect creative backdrop. The blend of French, Creole culture and urban sway teleports travelers back in time. To add the vibes, New Orleans creative culinary culture is unmatched. Creatives can enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world while creating pieces that inspire and impact.


Black creatives
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For the music creatives, Nashville is home to some of America’s most historic music moments. It’s known as Music City, and it’s a great place to catch some inspiration. 

There are plenty of music festivals, concerts and performances happening in Nashville throughout the year. The city isn’t that far from Memphis, another Midwest city with a rich history and creative flair.

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