Weddings are on the rise and so are the proposals. Recent data from The Knot reveals that in 2022 alone, there are an estimated 2.6 million weddings planned – a record high since 1984. The data shows that it’s only up from here, so finding the right proposal destinations is key.

Speaking of proposals, what’s also changing are the rules. Gender roles and traditional rules are not as important for couples anymore which means the proposals are more about collaborating for the perfect experience.

No matter what couples decide, the location is the most important aspect of planning a proposal. It can be a little overwhelming to decide on the location, which is why analysts from FROM MARS curated a list of the top cities to propose.

The team used data from TripAdvisor as well as hashtags on Instagram to curate a list of cities that offer romantic hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

Here are the top 10 proposal destinations around the world to consider for your romantic moment.

1. Rome

Photo by Caleb Miller

When it comes to the most romantic place to propose to, Rome takes the top spot.

The reason why, according to FROM MARS data, is Rome offers more than 700 romantic hotels to choose from and more than 850 romantic attractions.

You can venture off to the Trevi Fountain (don’t forget to take some coins) or take a cruise along the Tiber River.

2. Paris

Photo by Anthony Delanoix

We all know that one person who’s had the dream proposal in Paris. And if you don’t know someone personally, we can name a show, movie, or book that regards Paris as the most romantic city in the world.

The only reason it doesn’t have the top spot is that FROM MARS data shows it’s lacking in romantic hotels. Paris has more than 550 romantic hotels.

Paris, however, makes up for its romantic hotel shortage with attractions.

From the secret gardens, an intimate cruise on the Seine, visiting the Eiffel Tower at night, or a table for two at a café, Paris is dripped in romance with nearly 600 romantic attractions for couples.

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3. London

London, England | Eva Dang | Unsplash

If having a romantic hotel is not at the top of your list, then London is the perfect place for a proposal for you.  England’s capital city is more about adventure, so that’s where you will find the romance.

London offers a ton of options for couples activities and romantic restaurants, according to the data.


4. New York City

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With an estimated 84, New York City indeed lacks in the romantic hotel department. But like London, its ranking comes from outside of accommodations.

New York City’s beautiful skyline will give every city on this list a run for its money. There are beautiful parks outside throughout the city and NYC boasts more than 1000 romantic restaurants.



5. Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
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You may be a little surprised about Istanbul, but it comes in the top 5 because it offers a nice mix of romantic hotels (384), attractions for couples (403), and romantic dining (591).

Istanbul offers more romantic hotels than New York City and London, according to FROM MARS data.

Couples can try a Turkish bath, go on a tea date at a scenic and intimate tea house, or stroll the gardens of Beylerbeyi Palace.

6. Dubai

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Romantic Dining is where you should go if you want to propose over a nice meal.  The city boasts more than 770 options for romantic dining, according to experts.

If you want a romantic place that will be unforgettable, book a reservation at The Lifetime Private Terrace Floor 42. It offers amazing views from the top and being on top of the world is the perfect feeling for the next phase in life.

Kris With A View is another amazing option that has a variety of exotic cuisine with a view from the 19th floor.

7. Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal
Photo Credit: Aayush Gupta

Lisbon is often revered as a party city but there is room for romance. What’s also great about Lisbon is that it’s not always the first place that comes to mind for romance in Europe. That means it’s a hidden gem for lovers.

The city lacks romantic hotel options, with approximately 108 romantic hotels, but there are plenty of options for planning the dinner or experience of a lifetime.

With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is great for planning a picnic outdoors with the ocean behind you.   It’s not only the perfect date, but the perfect proposal, too.

8. Bangkok

If you want to avoid Europe completely, then your answer is Bangkok. It’s the only country in Southeast Asia to make the FROM MARS list!

Bangkok has more than 200 romantic hotels, over 400 couple attractions, and at least  573 romantic dinner options.

You can reserve a private movie experience at the Embassy Diplomat Theater which comes with a private butler or plan a proposal at the Moon Bar, which offers a panoramic view of the city.


9. Florence

Photo by Heidi Kaden

Another city from Italy making the list is Florence.

There are more than 280 romantic hotels to choose from, 432 couple attractions, and 469 romantic dining options.

We recommend a cooking class and what you make can be served as a dish at the wedding reception. It will add a sentimental and romantic touch to the big day.

10. Barcelona

Courtesy of Getty Images.

What’s last, but certainly not the least, on the list is Barcelona. There are not many romantic hotels as there are about 50, but Barcelona makes up for the shortage with couple attractions (589) and romantic dining (777).

We recommend dinner on the beach or planning a romantic picnic at what locals call the Bonkers.  It’s quite the journey to get there, but once on top, you can have a picnic at sunset to propose.

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