Arian Simone, is now Queen Wa (“the blessing”) of the village of Dawa in the Ivory Coast of West Africa. Simone is the Founder of the Fearless Fund as well as its non-profit arm the Fearless Foundation. The designation follows Simone’s community investment, opening the Arian Simone Fearless Leadership Academy in Dawa Grand Berebi Village.

Fearless Foundation partnered with the ProSeed Foundation to bring the academy to life. The ProSeed Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to build elementary schools in remote villages of West Africa.

Arian Simone and students at the Arian Simone FearlessLeadership Academy
Photo Credit: @ariansimone via Instagram

As a result, the village of Dawa bestowed Simone with the title of Queen as a token of gratitude. She was crowned at an African Royal coronation ceremony by the Village of Dawa, its chiefdom, and notables. The founder is the first person to receive this title in Dawa. The acknowledgment showcases the appreciation for what the school means to the village and the children attending the school.

Specifically, the academy aims to help eradicate generational poverty in the village of Dawa and to help shape the leaders of the next generation of the village and Africa.

“I am beyond humbled and grateful to God and the village of Dawa for this honor,” Simone said in a statement. “Opening this academy is a momentous step in our mission to foster a more equitable world by providing the necessary support and resources to Africa’s future generation of entrepreneurs.”

Queen Wa of Dawa

To honor the occasion, a full African Royal coronation ceremony was held on October 19th and was attended by the Governor, Mayor, and Senator of Dawa, along with the entire community. During the ceremony, Arian was given a tribal name by the chiefdom of the village and introduced to the people of Dawa as their new Queen.

Simone made the announcement in an Instagram post that reads:

“This week I was crowned 👸 Queen in Côte D’Ivoire 🇨🇮 (Ivory Coast) of the Dawa People.

Honestly I’m still in shock, when I first heard I was being crowned it took a full week for me to even grasp the magnitude of what was taking place.

Who knew me building a school in Africa, which I did out of the kindness of my heart, would lead to being crowned Queen! The Arian Simone Fearless Leadership Academy is an elementary school, a STEAM school shaping new leaders in Africa. The school services kids in Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana and Guinea located in the Dawa Grand-Bereby Village.

I built the school in partnership with @proseed_givinghope who diligently worked on this project in the spirit of excellence!

God I thank you for trusting me with a region, a territory, a people, and for blessing me to be a blessing to others.”

Arian Simone at coronation celebration
Photo Credit: @ariansimone via Instagram


The Fearless Foundation

The Fearless Foundation is a 501c3 organization from the Fearless Fund with a mission to educate entrepreneurs through training, reduce racial inequities, and empower African-Americans to gain access to capital.

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