Farting Passenger On Airplane Farts From New York To California
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Clique Images

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Clique Images

Farting Passenger On Airplane Farts From New York To California

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Sep 12, 2022

Airline customers are having mixed opinions after a passenger asked the person he was next to, to “ease up on the farts”

The flight was going from New York to California when the passenger started to smell continuous farts from the person he was sitting next to. He did all he could to block out the odors. Even put on two covid masks on top of one another but that still didn’t prevent the smell from seeping through. Until finally, he asked the passenger to go to stand in the bathroom and “get it all out”.

The passenger denied his request and stated that what he was going through is a natural bodily function. The passenger then puts his headphones back on and proceeded to fart all the way to California.

The man smelling the farts decides to reach out to social media to see if other people thought he was being inconsiderate to the farting passenger. 

The man wrote: “I was flying back to California from a work trip in NYC, and just about every 15-20 minutes, I smell the foulest of farts. So bad that I got the extra masks I brought and wore a double mask the whole flight to block the smell a little better. After a while, I was getting sick of it, and asked the guy next to me if that was him farting the whole time. I was trying to be as polite as I could about it, and he seemed not to be offended or anything…just said “Oh yeah, sorry man” and went back to watching his in-flight movie.

“Another hour goes by and he’s still letting one rip at a regular basis, so I followed up by saying, “Hey sorry to bug you again, but if you’re farting this much, could you just like…go to the bathroom or something? Just get it all out so you can ease up on the farts a bit!” 

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“I was trying to have a jovial tone and keep it light, but he was NOT having it. Kept going on about how it’s a natural bodily function and to stop bugging him about it. To which I responded, “Yeah, it’s natural to poop too! Maybe it’s your body telling you to let it out?” After which, he just frowned at me and put his headphones back in. He kept it up the whole flight and seemed pretty satisfied with himself. Was I really being unreasonable to ask him about it? I know some people are sensitive about their bodily odors and whatnot, but after calling him out about it, he seemed to take pleasure in the fact that he was dropping bombs the whole flight.

“I’ve never really had to ask someone else to poop, so I don’t know if there’s really established etiquette for this situation.”

A few folks were on the passenger’s side, stating the farting man should have been more respectful to the other people on the plane.

One person wrote: “I think it’s pretty rude to fart that much on a plane.There are other people around who can’t escape the smell and you can’t open a window.”

Another said: “He could still fart in a bathroom. There’s no need to stink up the cabin.”

However, some commenters defended the flatulent man’s behavior, stating it might have been a medical issue he couldn’t control.

One said: “It could’ve been a chronic condition, which he may not have wanted to explain in depth to a stranger in the middle of a crowded plane.”

Another argued “On a plane, this guy’s options are pretty limited.”

“You made a huge deal out of this and came off as immature.”

“What benefit did you even get by asking if it was him who kept farting other than making things even more awkward?”

Passengers aren’t the only ones who fart on planes, the cabin crew also lets it fly every now and then. When passengers get on the nerves of flight attendants they commit what’s known as “crop dusting”. Whenever flight crew needs to fart, they walk by the passenger that annoyed them the most and let it rip. “I find the passengers who inconvenienced me. Can’t hold it in.”

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