Farringdon Jets Is The Black-Owned Private Jet Charter Company With A Focus On Security
Photo Credit: Michael Darko, Founder, Farringdon Jets

Photo Credit: Michael Darko, Founder, Farringdon Jets

Farringdon Jets Is The Black-Owned Private Jet Charter Company With A Focus On Security

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Jan 18, 2023

Meet Michael Darko, a British-born Ghanaian currently based between London and Mexico City, and the founder of Farringdon Jets. For as long as he can remember, Darko has always had a passion for aviation. However, since joining the UK’s Royal Air Force Cadets as a teen, life took him down a different path. He began a career in property and wealth management that allowed him the opportunity to live in Dubai and Colombia.

“In 2020, came a decision point for me to merge my lifelong passion for aviation with my acquired skill set. “And Farringdon Jets was born,” said Darko.

A UK and US-registered company, Farringdon Jets leverages a global fleet through its network of operators. This gives it access to a range of 10,000+ aircraft, from helicopters and turboprops all the way up to airliners. This allows the company to arrange charter flights around the globe.

Photo courtesy of Farringdon Jets.

Flying private comes with many benefits. In addition to enjoying more security, privacy, and peace of mind, people who choose to charter private flights are able to save a great deal of time.

“It’s normal for our clients to arrive at the FBO (private terminal) as little as 15 minutes prior to departure, even for international flights, as opposed to commercial international flights where it is recommended to arrive three hours ahead of time.”

“Using the USA as an example, the fact that there are three times the amount of private airports than public airports used for commercial flights means that with private aviation we can usually choose to depart and arrive in airports/airfields far more convenient for our clients, significantly reducing their ground commute. Altogether the time saved by flying privately can equate to tens of thousands of dollars saved for our high-performing clientele.”

Photo courtesy of Farringdon Jets.

As a company serving high-net-worth travelers, it is important for Farringdon Jets to prioritize security. The company has partnered with top private security companies in order to provide a range of security services to its clients, including threat analysis and vulnerability assessment, personalized security strategies, executive and close protection (armed and unarmed), secure ground transportation in armored or non-armored vehicles, and bilingual security detail for effective communication.

“There has been an increase in both a need and desire for clients traveling for business and leisure to destinations previously overshadowed by negative press. For example, the lovely country of Colombia, which I called home for several years, with its unfathomable beauty and is full of incredible experiences. Or Mexico, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and business hubs.”

“Although the average tourist can usually visit these locations without incident, the high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth traveler would likely want to have additional security to comfortably travel and experience these destinations, to reduce risk, and also to satisfy their insurance policies.”

Photo courtesy of Farringdon Jets.

In addition to providing chartered flights and security, Farringdon Jets also offers unique travel experiences around the world. The following are currently on offer:

Bespoke Snowmobile Adventure: Whether you’d like to get away on a boys’ trip, plan a corporate adventure, or a snowy couple’s retreat, luxury snowmobiling is ideal for your exploratory spirit. With destinations like Finland, Chile, Iceland, and Lebanon, you can take in breathtaking mountain scenery and incredible local culture. All the logistics are planned for you, which means you never have to worry about the next steps. Let us take care of your experience, leaving you to easily carve through mountain snow with our expert guide.

Luxury Arctic Camp: The Arctic sun emerges over a virgin white snowscape. An unbroken vista stretches out to the horizon and a feeling of deep serenity and peace washes over you. Like some of the great explorers of history, you are experiencing one of the world’s most forbidding but beautiful terrains. Our new Luxury Camps represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in unimaginable comfort under the Northern stars. We will bring you from anywhere in the world to some of the most stunning locations in Iceland, Greenland, and across the Arctic region via private charter and helicopter transfer, taking care of all your concerns and allowing you to unwind from the stresses and strains of your busy life in style.

Exclusive Golf Tour: This golf enthusiast’s dream holiday gives them the option to choose from a combination of ten exotic destinations and twenty-five golf courses to play, including some of the world’s most renowned, throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Plenty of gameplay, expert coaching, 5-star accommodation, and opportunities to explore the best sights and experiences in each location make this trip truly unforgettable. Each trip is uniquely tailored to the taste of your group. Private jets and helicopters are at the ready to transport you around the world to play the best golf possible.

Photo courtesy of Farringdon Jets.

To receive a charter quote or to get more information on Farringdon Jets’ unique travel experiences, interested parties can visit www.farringdonjets.com,  or call 1-866-737-JETS. The company can be followed on Instagram at @farringdonjets and @mike_is_where.

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