If you want an intimate dining experience in Italy, it can’t get more intimate than Solo Per Due. The restaurant is in Vacone, a commune near Rome. Bypass the long lines and noise, and treat yourself to a peaceful, candlelight meal.

Here’s what to know about this tiny restaurant and its garden.

The Restaurant Is Deliberately Mysterious

Solo Per Due is all about discretion, starting with the ownership. According to CNN Travel, “The founders have been running it for 33 years, and refuse to share their names unless you’ve booked dinner.”

This isn’t the kind of restaurant you can wander into at random. Reservations are made by phone, and you might be waiting for months before you can secure one.

Timing is essential. You’ll have to let the owners know you’re en route within 30 minutes of arrival. Be sure not to arrive too early or too late. In either case, nobody will receive you.

As for pricing? Expect to pay north of 500 EUR for a meal for two.

An Elegant Dining Experience That Differs From The Standard

During the summer, the amount of tourists in Italy is staggering. The restaurants, much like the historic sites, sometimes buckle under the weight of demand. This is especially true in Rome.

Exasperated with his own poor dining experiences, one of the founders told CNN Travel why he decided to start Solo Per Due. To keep the air of mystery, he didn’t divulge his name.

“It had become unbearable,” he said. “Every time my son and I went out for dinner we were always given the small table close to the bathroom or the kitchen, with all the nasty smells – it was the worst table. And that’s because there were only two of us.”

While the restaurant caters to couples, there’s no rule that says all pairs have to be dating or married.

After you’ve made your reservation, you’ll choose your multi-course menu in advance, from appetizers to desserts. You can also select the wine, music, and floral arrangements. Some of the delicacies available include oysters and heart-shaped ravioli.

If you want to really craft a memorable experience, why not request fireworks in the garden?

You Can Dine Alfresco

If the weather permits, you and your partner can dine in the garden, and take in the rich history.

The website explains, “When you step inside our gate, you will be surrounded by a garden where magnificent species of palm trees collected from all over the world are grown.”

Whether you dine al-fresco or indoors, the idea is for you to be catered to hand and foot. You don’t have to worry about the waiter looming over your table, or checking in on you every five minutes. Simply ring a bell, and he’ll appear when you need him.